A fellow blogger (Aaron Hiew) recently alerted me towards the availability of the miniature 9M-AFJ. As some of you may know, this aircraft was recently repainted in ‘Lat’ livery, alike 9M-AAP in the past. In the recent past, I have been anxiously waiting to get my hands on this collector’s item.

Coincidence I – As I was waiting to catch my flight yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to note that I would be flying on 9M-AFJ. Not wanting to break the “no photography on tarmac” rule, I only managed to take this poor quality pic from the boarding area:

Coincidence II – Thankfully, the miniature merchandise was available on board the very same aircraft … as you may already know, not all merchandise is available on every flight.

Coincidence III – As you can see from the picutre above, I happened to be ‘hot seated’ at 1F, directly in front of Lat’s handiwork on the bulkhead.

The miniature itself, 1:150 scale with landing gear, is quite attractive:

So, for the collectors out there, better get this one fast…. and as Datuk Mohd Nor Khalid ‘graffitized’ on the aircraft…. HAPPY FLYING with Air Asia !!!

Coincidentally, here’s one from Air Asia’s newest technical colaboration partner:




  • Meng Hui

    Ramnan.. may i know where can i actually get the AA figurine for this design? Please let me know.. must be on board?

  • Ramnan

    Dear Meng Hui,

    You should be able to get this miniature on board most flights. It costs RM 89. Alternatively, you may try at the Red Megastore at LCCT entrance. They usually have the “good stuff”, provided stocks are not depleted.

    Unfortunately, and for reasons beyond my comprehension, these miniatures (including 9M-XAC) are not available on line.

    I hope someone from Air Asia would take a serious look at this situation and make some pleasant changes.

    – Ramnan

  • Muhammad Syafiq

    how much eyh??

  • Ramnan

    Well, the ‘Lat’ plane costs RM 89.

    The Jetstar was 280 HK Dollars.

  • Kenneth

    Nice one there, the scale is a little off at 1:150, if it was 1:200 or even 1:100…I would have bought it by now…my loss i guess! Keep it up ramnan! cheers mate!

  • Mohd Izarul Azman


    May I know, what type of material for ‘Lat’ livery? It’s fully diecast or snap fit risin plastic? I’m also a miniature collector espeacially aircraft in 1:400 scale and perhaps they will release these AirAsia ‘Lat’ livery in 1:400 scale.

  • Ramnan


    These are the specs… 1:150 scale, snap-fit plastic made by Risesoon, Taiwan.

    From my past experience, Air Asia does not indulge in 1:400 scale models. Rather, theirs are usually 1:100 or 1:200 scale.

    Personally, my preference is 1:200 with landing gear.

    – Ramnan

  • Aaron

    Perhaps Phoenix will make it in 1:400, more details and suitable for terminal and GSEs as well. 1:150 is not so good but since AK had decided, well just go for it, compare to other AK models from Risesoon, this one ermm not that good la. Looking forward from Phoenix then, hopefully, lols… cheers!