I was in my car with Pyan, my friend. Pyan, like many other Borneo natives – a Sarawakian is looking for an honest living here in Peninsular Malaysia. He told me that his mother is arriving tomorrow afternoon for a visit on AirAsia.

“So how much did your mother pay for the flight?”, I asked him.
“About 300 plus Ringgit return”, was his response.

Knowing that Pyan goes back to Kuching frequently, every 3 months since he was a student here in Shah Alam, I asked him how much he usually pays for a return flight.

“About 200 plus Ringgit when I book early. But usually around 300 Ringgit since I entered University,” Pyan said.

“Before AirAsia, how much did you pay to fly to Kuching?” I asked him.

“More than 300 Ringgit, and that was only for a one way flight! We didn’t have any other choice. And during that time, we only flew from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching and vice versa only when there’s an urgency. I never even thought of things such as my mother coming to Kuala Lumpur to visit me. It was very expensive, ” he said.

I just realized working in AirAsia is not about coming to work and doing what I like for a paycheck at the end of the month. It’s not just about working with a bunch of enthusiastic engineers and the amazing others, eagerly finding ways to make air traveling a safe and enjoyable trip yet as efficient as possible.

It is about being able to send Pyan home every 3 months and making it possible for a mother such as Pyan’s, to come to Kuala Lumpur to visit him. It’s about bridging the gap that was left open before.

The blogger (left) with his friend, Pyan.


So you think engineering is boring?

This will change the moment you venture into AirAsia’s Engineering Department. A rocket scientist by qualification, I am in charge of the aircraft’s systems and interior. If you think your flight was bumpy and your seat wasn’t cushy, let me know. I will do whatever it takes to change them for your next flight.


  1. I wonder why no one commented on this great post.It is clear from this post that we certainly changed the phrase “the thought matters most” to “being there matters most”. Good one

  2. Muhammad Faidzal Reply

    Sometime when I feel tired or stressed when I am in the office, I just look down to the hall below. I can always see our guests down there. Parents and kids, husband and wife, groups of friends and sometime senior citizens and even lone travellers. They are the good reasons why I am here. One of the best view I can get. Very refreshing.

  3. Aw…that’s why I love AirAsia! I don’t know how you guys do it but thanks to AA I am able to realized my backpacking dream!

    I *heart* Air Asia!!

  4. Rosli Awg Sulong Reply

    Good service…Travel to Kuching 3 times a month. Should have ceiling price cos sometimes more the fare is more expensive than the other rival. Pls look into this Dato Tony.

  5. Nurul Syafiqah Reply

    salam….alhamdullillah…bertuah saudari berpeluang bekerja di air asia….good luck and take care your self….syukur la pada tuhan kerana menentukan arah tuju saudari dalam kebahagiaan dan kesenangan.kirim salam pada your baby ye….baby boy or girls?

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