I’ve been flying AirAsia for more than 4 years from domestics routes to international routes.

Checking the Snack Attack menu after I settle down is a must! I’ve almost purchased every kind of food shown in the menu. Nasi Lemak was my favorite and now 1901 hot dog is my favorite:) Recently AirAsia introduced more new food on board, I’ll definitely try all that in my coming flight. Looking forward to the Chicken Rice!!!

Recently I found that there is less AirAsia merchandise being offered. The hot items are all gone, like the “Remove Before Flight” key chain, watches etc. I missed some of them. Hopefully they will make a come back. I will be sure to grab all of it. I just love AirAsia’s stuff:p

Suggestion for AirAsia Merchandise. Maybe you can try to sell AirAsia’s goodie bag which is very useful everywhere and might help with publicity in shopping malls maybe? 🙂 A big chili red goodie bag with striking pearl white AirAsia.com will catch everyone’s attention! Another thing I would like to recommend is an AirAsia notebook. This is the merchandise I hope for the most. Hopefully I can have it soon:) More suggestions: mug, coloring book for children, postcards and toiletries (for long haul flights).



  1. Hiya Shi Han~

    Appreciate your positive feedback and support regarding our merchandise. Just so you know, we are currently working on a whole new range of items for our upcoming in-flight menu and kiosk. Even some of the items that you just mentioned…ehem!wink!wink!;p So be on the lookout!=)

    Anywayz, please do keep us posted if you were to have any other cool ideas for future AirAsia merchandise. Cheers~

  2. Shi Han Reply

    Hi Faizal…

    Great to get your comment/reply over here. 🙂

    That’s so great!!! What a big news for me.LOL.My next flight with AirAsia would be end of Sept, I hope I able to see those new items on board! Of course, I’ll buy that if you have my favorite on it. Haha.

    You’re most welcome Faizal. That’s my pleasure to post something here.

    Happy Fasting and Good day….

  3. How about AirAsia calendars? Are those sold on board? It would be cool to have a different theme every year. 12 destinations, 12 airports, 12 countries AirAsia flies to etc.

  4. Shi Han Reply

    “Anonymous” ,

    AirAsia did have it in the early of year 2008. They might sell the brand new 2009 soon too i think

  5. Well, we had the 2008 AirAsia F1 theme calendar selling on-board as well as in our kiosk a few months back. We thought about coming up with an AirAsia 2009 calendar, but we kinda haven’t decided on an appropriate theme yet. Hmm…Maybe the ’12 destinations’ is not a bad idea for a start. Will definately keep it in mind..Thanx=)

  6. Shi Han Reply

    Faizal, I would suggest to use AirAsia itself as the theme. What I have in my mind is Let’s put everything about AirAsia and main event of the month in the calender. Indirectly, it shows AirAsia is in our life and it is connected to everyone and everything.

    As an example. For December, Christmas. The picture of the month could be a groups of steward/stewardess celebrating white Christmas in London, and a small map down there showing AirAsia does fly fly to London! People now can celebrate Christmas in London with low air fares by AirAsia.

    AirAsians celebrating new year as January, fleet comes next, then routes, foods, merchandises, services, academy, and etc…

  7. Wow, the latest menu is eye catching! *ahem* real feel like entering a flying restaurant!
    great idea to suggest an AirAsia notebook,shihan.mebe AirAsia will throw a budget price for us so everyone can own a notebook :)I would love to expect something like AirAsia cabin size luggage for light travelers,hahaah of cos not selling in the flight,but at the kiosk:)AirAsia sunglasses,drinking bottles,passport covers and etc not bad as AirAsia has it’s brand!!

  8. Shi Han Reply

    The new menu is great wow. can’t wait to see that! but I have to wait until November only can see that! :(by the way, anything new in the menu? The “notebook” I meant isn’t the electronic notebook or laptop, but it’s like dairy, a book. 🙂 So, I guess AirAsia has the budget to do it. LOL. I never thought of that, but it is so great if AirAsia has the cabin size luggage. SIA did have it last time. I wanted to buy that, but they are not selling anymore. You gave a lot of good suggestions, we are both Snack Attack lover huh? Hehe…

  9. ShiHan,
    oopzs! i think i m too overwhelmed by the brand! LOL! it’s a combination of AirAsia msia,thai AirAsia and Indonesia AirAsias’ menu. it comes with the latest menu, Asian fried rice with chicken satay, chicken rice and etc! I saw their show at One U, guess what? There are AirAsia sport gears,junksuit,shorts,backpack and etc! how come those are not in the kiosk?i hope at least AirAsia picks my suggestion and one day i could get it from the kiosk!
    it would be great to have more travel essential,like now they have pillow,adaptor,luggage lock,luggage tag and etc.
    here are more to add,(suddenly comes to my mind 😛 )
    AirAsia handbag,AirAsia sweater,AirAsia paper clips with tiny aircraft models,AirAsia stickers and etc.whoooh! AirAsia car stickers!!! plus, a wannabe pilot pins? (the kind with wings?) my bro collected from southwest years ago.it’s cool!

  10. Hey~ ;p

    Glad to know that we’re getting positive input on our merchandise selection. Appreciate your suggestions. It’s best to know what our customer’s want. Keep em’ comin~ =)

    Hi Shi Han,

    Regarding the ‘cabin size luggage’. Just to give you a sneak peak, AirAsia will be releasing it’s brand new foldable travel bag starting tomorrow(10/9/2008). Practical for those who are always on the move. Go check it out;p

    Hi Alyeanne,

    Glad to hear from you. I was at the One U event as well..hehe=) Yes, we had a whole line up of merchandise displayed during that promo, we will be releasing them one stage at a time.
    Just so you know, in regards to your suggestions, we are currently working on AirAsia car stickers as well as paper clips. But it’s still in the designing process. Hmm..we’ve never sold those wannabe pilot wings before..but i guess it’ll look really cool though.


  11. Shi Han Reply

    and so do I, overwhelmed by the brand too! I like that pins too,it looks damn cool. Saw pilots and flight attendants putting that on their uniform, but I don’t think AirAsia will sell that as such pins is specially made for the crews.
    Eww…I missed that event! I don’t even know that event. 🙁 Faizal, make sure you do inform me if there’s such event coming up next. LOL!

    How is the foldable bag looks like? How much is it? Anymore new stuffs releasing? 🙂 Remember to update the Snack Attack online. 🙂

  12. Faizal,
    wOw! tht’s great! cant wait to grab the goodies! it’s perfect idea as a gift for someone as well. AirAsia merchandise not only wallet friendly also has the brand 🙂 a gift with AirAsia logo,hah! it means a lot! like parker pen, keychain,termos mug and etc,these are superb gift.
    aha! will AirAsia having a show like this in any coming future?
    thanks faizal, i cant wait for the foldable travel bag and the car stickers!

    tht was a coincidence in One U and since then started my journey with snack attack 😛
    i think shouldnt be any problem with the pin as the pin my bro has from southwest was made of plastic ,different design from the actual pilot’s wing. important it has the wings!! ahahaha.. desperado wannabe 😛

    yea, i agree with you too, hope faizal could relay the message from you to the website in order to update the latest merchandise *yAy*

  13. Sorry because Indonesian

    Saya Ingin membeli Merchandise AirAsia online! Ada/ Tidak? Bila ada tolong kasih nomor telfon atau e-mail yang bisa dihubungi…!!!

    Mohon Balasannya
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