Saya nak cadangkan kepada syarikat AirAsia untuk menambahkan jadual penerbangan ke Alor Star kepada dua kali sehari. Ini kerana saya rasa dengan penerbangan sekali sehari dan pada waktu awal pagi begitu merumitkan kepada penumpang.

Saya pernah menggunakan penerbangan dari Alor Star ke Kuala Lumpur pada bulan April yang lalu, dan saya merasakan begitu susah untuk mengejar masa oleh kerana kaunter pendaftaran penerbangan akan ditutup pada pukul 7.30 pagi.

Jika AirAsia boleh menambahkan kekerapan penerbangan atau menukar waktu penerbangan tidaklah merumitkan para penumpang yang akan menggunakan penerbangan dari syarikat ini.


  • Mohd Syahrur Azri

    I totally agree with Muhd. Because AirAsia only flies once a day, the other airline who flies 3 times a day monopolizes the route, the fares they are charging are sky high! Please reinstitute a second daily flight and maybe make the first flight a bit later as many could not catch that flight. (No wonder that early morning flight is always almost empty). Looking forward for more travel with AirAsia on Alor Star-KL route..

  • Albert

    I also agree. I have to use MAS which is ridiculously high price due to only have morning flight to AOR. I hope AirAsia can do something with it.

  • Wai Jin

    Hi every one. Just came back from Hatyai from Alor Star via Air Asia.

    I am rather disappointed with the Alor Star airport ground transfer facilities currently available for those who wish to proceed into Hatyai, Thailand from Alor Star airport. Its is very disappointing and certainly Not worth your time & RM ( ringgit wise) if you are travelling alone from that “concreted landing desert!

    It cost me RM55.00 taxifare from Alor Star Airport to the border and another 600 baht from from the Malaysia/Thailand border. The total cost of ground transport is more than the actual cost of my Air Asia air ticket which I thought I have purchased at a great bargain!

    When I enquired whether I can share a taxi, the operator at the reception shook their heads and stared at you like an alien!

    I would not associate the Alor Star destination (in the Air Asia ticket booking website) with the bracket attraction (Hatyai). Although both cities very close approx 120 km apart, it is not simplyly COST effective when there is no one available to share with you when you need it!

    Unless Air Asia, or even in cooperation with the Hatyai Hotels or Tourist association can arrange or make available a more convenient airport ground transfer like a coach or van service from Alor Star airport into Hatyai directly via coupon or ticketing system, at least be available as an affordable option to all passengers regardless whether travellling alone or in small group as soon as its aircraft lands in Alor Star airport, don’t you even try to do it the way I tried alone, it is simply not worth your effort and $$$$$$$ ( even with a free AIR ASIA ticket!)!!!

  • Fateen

    i still don’t have the,how?

  • Mohd Irwan

    would airasia consider having additional flights from KUL to JHB and reinstate DPS-JHB?

  • Muhd Ariff

    saya harap airasia dpt meningkatkan kekerapan penerbangan ke alor setar,2x sehari amat tidak mencukupi kerana adakalanya penerbangan pada waktu mlm lagi mendapat sambutan sebagaimana syarikat penerbangan yang lain adakan.