I am excited about the Red Hot Deal I got in email, and will try real hard to book.
Have to wait until today to see what from really means, but if no games I will upgrade to XL, and the other Airlines are going to miss out.

The other good thing is that Thailand Tourist Authority is offering a deal with BA in Australia. I won’t comment, other than say I spend my dollars at my first stop, so this promo will change where I was going to fly to – excellent timing, and good for the Malaysian Economy.

Note to AirAsia Management. I would have been happy to pay $50 more for the privilege of being able to peep/book earlier, or be locked into paying to baggage and seat choice – or book and pay for some other flight. This would avoid a server meltdown, and enhance yield as little, while discouraging scalpers.


  • Kavindran

    i was wating until today fro aisia to fly to melbourne … iam vry happy i hope the price will be vry cheap ….

  • Chang Pong

    Cheers, AirAsia. I was one of the first few to book 2 seats early this morning for a return flight to Melbourne in March 2008. And it’s a good thing too, that you guys have decided to land in Tullamarine instead of Avalon, which is a bit further off downtown Melbourne.

    Looking forward to my flight. Here’s to more frequent flights to Melbourne with AirAsia.

  • Peter

    Well, I booked anyway, even though the cheapest seats were on only a few particular days – disappointment after staying up so late – for very little.

    Then I discovered Emirates has a $575 return deal to BKK incl taxes but double that for December, so I am still happy enough, and ponied up a for few extras, as their dates were no good to me.

    Note to AirAsia Management: What is an International Meal Vs what is a Malaysian Meal? People may not tend to click buy, because they dont know what they are buying and unclear on the difference.

    Pricing for December was about right, as was timing.

  • Prabu

    What about Sydney to KL?
    Sydney is very hungry market too you know! At least give us connection flight to Melbourne or Gold Coast.
    Thank you AirAsia all the best.

  • Sarbjit

    I totally agree with Mr. Prabu, what about Sydney? As we in Sydney may know Jetstar is pulling out its services to KL, i think by September, and that has created an vacuum for the locals and others to get to Malaysia directly. And I believe MH is also reducing their flights to Sydney, that are the night flights. AirAsia could capitalized on this time slots which are created by this two airlines. I know the charges at Sydney airport are much more, but the ones who want to fly wouldn’t mind paying extra for the services which are beyond AirAsia’s control.

  • Peter

    Both AirAsia and Tiger know their advances are unwanted at Sydney. But with Jetstar pulling out, it would look and be seen unreasonable to refuse a replacement airline right now.

    Sydney is a tough market, with high start up costs, and protected by the Qantas club lobbist’s. Lauda Air and to some extent BA got beaten up, while Thai and MAS and Jestar snipe newcomers.

    However, I think AirAsia could apply for some charter flights out of Sydney, and even if its only 1 flight a month, it would do WONDERS for their image and brand.

    I know a Canberra to Chennai would fill very well indeed. So would Canberra to Beijing, only there is some deal where BKK is the end point.

    Note to Management: There are promotions. Promotions increase awareness. One off charter/irregular flights are also highly effective.

  • Russell

    Great initial prices, got me to try AirASIA. Keep the promotions up and I will do many more trips. Can you increase the number of flights to 7 per week and maybe twice daily from Melbourne/KL/Melb where possible.

  • Yee Lin

    Thanks to Adrian that at least I now know AirAsia will use Tullamarine, and not Avalon, as its terminal. I presume its the main building, and not the “Tiger Airways Terminal’? Can this be confirmed?

    I have booked to fly with AirAsia in November ’08, and again in January ’09. I’m not so nervous now after reading a lot of the positive feedbacks of AirAsia passengers (yes, I haven’t used AirAsia before). As a regular SIA customer- and I make at least 2/3 trips per year- I’m willing to give AirAsia a try because of the rising costs of flying.
    Any plans for AirAsia to come up with a ‘frequent flyer’ programme?

    Lastly, thanks for a long-awaited Mel-KL direct flight by a budget airline. And hoping the positive up-beat feedbacks will also include AAX sectors.

  • Jeremy

    AirAsia would you please start SYDNEY TO KUALA LUMPUR flights!?

    I love flying with your airline when in Asia but I must am forced to fly with your competitors to get back to Sydney because you do not offer this route. Why does Melbourne, GC and Perth (which are all smaller markets than Sydney) get serviced and yet a major hub like Sydney with 4.5 million people misses out?

    Please make it happen!


  • Peter

    Tiger Airways (Call it Baby Singapore), right now, is having a tough time in Sydney. Furthest gates, and lowest slot priority = never on time. Then Jetstar ‘shadowed’ / added new flights to rub the salt in.

    But, as I read the Australian flight regulations, AirAsia could put in say 2 flights per month. This ‘Ambush’ tactic is very effective. They could even ask for a Sydney to USA as a one off. Please, bend the rules, and get the PR. Virgin and Branson did, and they got what they wanted.