Bit and pieces of MEL with the very limited time I had.

Fresh oysters for BREAKFAST! My crew Awangku just can’t wait!

We took a pause while walking, these 3 handsome guys just can’t be missed!

I wished I got this idea when I bought a Zippo as a gift!

My crew Icely getting her pic taken by Capt Foong. father & daughter!

Melbourne Street Performers -had to stop and watch!

The sign says it all!

So when is your next flt out to MEL?
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My office in AirAsia is none other than our fuel-efficient, brand new, young and modern A320! (And the term prefered is Flight Attendant, not Cabin Crew, thank you!)

I get to meet different people from different countries, lifestyles, religions and occupations everyday. And the stories they shared with me often falls victim to the topic of my blogs!

With this blog, I can say goodbye to the free Coca-colas I get from my friends in exchange for flight stories...oh well!

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    Hello Ivan Ho’s sister =)

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    I’m that twin scout jr. from your high school lolz =P