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17 July 2009

Melbourne Short and Sweet!

By Venice

Bit and pieces of MEL with the very limited time I had.

Fresh oysters for BREAKFAST! My crew Awangku just can’t wait!

We took a pause while walking, these 3 handsome guys just can’t be missed!

I wished I got this idea when I bought a Zippo as a gift!

My crew Icely getting her pic taken by Capt Foong. Heh..like father & daughter!

Melbourne Street Performers -had to stop and watch!

The sign says it all!

So when is your next flt out to MEL?
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  • Low

    Hello Ivan Ho’s sister =)

  • Venice

    Hello, AirAsia blog comment-giver. =D

  • Low

    I’m that twin scout jr. from your high school lolz =P