Besides the taxi ride from the airport to our homestay place, we used public transportation throughout our trip.

I bought a Metlink zone 1 tram ticket for a week (choice of 2hrs, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly). The cost was about $29. The ticket can be used on any local buses and trains.

Today, we took tram to the city and then changed tram to Melbourne Zoo. The zoo admission fee was about $24.40. Frankly, I am not a big zoo fan. But I really wanted to see the butterfly garden, so I went.

Well, I didn’t think Melbourne Zoo was that great. It might be good for a family trip, but for me, it was a bore.

Back from the zoo and had a walk in the city. I can’t say enough of the friendliness of the Melburnians. I must have talked to at least 50 locals during my trip (asking for directions, recommendations, or just chit-chats), and all were very friendly and sweet. :)

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