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19 August 2008

Mad Scientist Lab: Instant White Mocha Latte

By Amirul

This morning I accidentally hit my head on the showerhead while brushing my teeth. Since that incident, a voice in my head had been urging me all morning to have White Mocha Latte as my breakfast beverage for today.

Feeling especially crazy with a dent on my forehead the shape of a showerhead, I then thought to myself Why don’t I just make some?

Step 1: Fill an empty cup with a single sachet of Nescafe Regular 3in1 Coffee.
Step 2: Pour hot water into the cup, about 15% more than you would for a regular cup of coffee.
Step 3: Break 2 Toblerone Minis into separate little triangles and drop them into the cup.
Step 4: Stir until the nougat pieces separate from the molten chocolate and rise to the surface.
Step 5: White Mocha Madness.

For an instant AM sugar overdrive, add 1-2 more Toblerone Minis.
warning: chaotic side-effects may occur

2 Toblerone White Minis + 1 Nescafe Regular 3in1 = Morning aaaahhhh!

  • Ahilan

    Cool … we should invent an AA coffee using the recipe above :). Thanks for sharing.

  • Khairul

    I really miss the white mini toblerone…

  • Ahilan

    hey, yesterday i tried this recipe at home, i used white chocolate instead and it was really nice – i am sure to be headed for diabetes soon lol..