Before I write my blog, I’d like to apologise that my English is not good. But I’ll do my best..hehehe

In January 2008, I flew to Macau with Thai AirAsia. It was in winter time. When I get off from the plane ohhhhhhh it was so cold because I didn’t wear winter clothing. I wore just a long hand t-shirt and not thick.enough. Anyway travelling is my life, I’m not worry about it.

When I could walk around Macau, wow! Is this Asia????
I visited The Venetian, Senado Square, St.Paul and many other places. I really love there……

From that time till now, I visited Macau for 4 times already. l I love the place so much. I’ve also been to Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Ahhhhh I forgot, I won 440HKD from Casino Lisboa as well….

Now I’m AirAsia’s fans hehehehe! And I already booked for my new trip to Phuket in the next high season. And hope to visit Macau again this October. I love AirAsia.


  • Ahmad Faizul

    hey Surat, glad you enjoyed your trip! Keep those travel logs coming in. At least we now nkow where to go for the fun stuff. Thanks.

  • Krshna

    Nice tour Surat,

    You’ve got a lot of journey, congratulation…

    Keep sharing your trip experience,

    Hopefully, I can visit Macau too…


  • Nickee

    I have been to Macau too and loved it!
    The Venetian is amazingly huge and I just love the old buildings there.
    Oh ya, the Portugese tart is especially yummy!! YumYum! Thanks for sharing!

  • Terry

    wow… Macau is in the list of my travel trip planning also. I wish to be there as free and easy with my girl fren, haha :) See from you photos the buildings look historical feel and enchanting!

  • Casey

    hi, i will be going to macau soon but i have limited budget for accommodation. can anybody share with me the best accommodation in macau with minimum cost :)

  • Surat

    Thank you for all comments.
    It’s good idea for u to plan to visit Macau.
    Casey ..About cheap accommodations in Macau, I saw agencies at Macau ferry terminal. The prices will show u at every agency’s counter. I also book from there. I got about 200 MOP/night. It’s very cheap and good location.
    One thing can help u to save ur budget is fly with AirAsia……

  • Casey

    hi surat,

    yes, i will be flying with AirAsia from JB to Macau. btw, do u still have the contact number of those agencies or the hotel that u stayed for 200mop/nite? I need to make a room reservation first before going there!

  • Almond

    @ Casey

    You can also go to to book hotel or hostel room. They are having promo too!

    Have fun!

  • Casey

    I tried to find hotel/hostel via AirAsia website but i couldn’t get a good deal as what surat had.

  • Ahmad Faizal

    I hope i also can go to Macau. Just don’t have time. Huhu 😀

  • Surat

    Casey,I’ll try to find the contact number for u..
    But if I cant find, As i told u that u can book from agencies at Macau ferry terminal. There are many rates in MAcau.
    U can choose and ask them about location and about those hotels.

  • Fazila

    HI, Surat,

    Is it easy to find Halal Food at Macau?
    Thought of going there next year..

  • Abdul Halim

    Nothing much I would say about Macao beside Gambling. I flew with AirAsia to Macau was on May 2005, about couple months after new route to Macau introduced by AirAsia. The route from KL-Macau was 2nd route after BKK-Macau. The reason I flew to Macau as stopover for personal trip to China Golden Triangle on Train trip. It was awesome. 2nd time I flew to Macau in Sept 2006 as stopover to Hong Kong. I would say, Macau is very strategic stopover destination for those who wants to travel to oriental region.

  • Abdul Halim

    I am not sure about Halal food at Macau, but there are vegetarian that you would like to consider?

  • Surat

    I’m not sure about that. I only saw Halal food in Guangzhou.
    So i think vegetarian food is ok too becoz it’s just vegetable. and the equipments for cooking also cant touch any meat too..I gonna go Macau again in the winter of 2009…