Love is all around us. It is when I see my special person everyday for me at least and it makes me blush to say this but it is true. February is a month for hearts and lovers or so commercial people say with high prices of roses and fancy restaurants.

I would like to celebrate love this Valentine with all of you through this pictures of timeless love from stuff around us. Sometimes it hides and sometimes you will miss it, but love will always surrounds you. So are you looking now?

A symbol of devotion and romance. Can you recognize this?


Finding L.O.V.E where it is least expected


Love it when you see it, am I sweet?


Love might hurt, love might be hard, but love can mend broken hearts


Love shines me up. Something unique I created using DSLR camera with slow shutter speed during the twilight hours that reflects the romantic essence of Valentine.

Happy Valentine greetings to all lovers around the globe.

I would like to dedicate this blog post to these loving people; ahoo, princess apple, mom, the team at work, my cool company, my diva clique & blinky



  1. Love is a a many splendour things, we love it, we hate it, but we all love to be in it. It is such a intangible assets or the greatest gift of all. Love is in the air……..touch it, feel it…

  2. Amirah Kausar Reply

    soooo very touching, Muqaddis … ur words can really melt thousands of soft and tender hearts out there .. indeed, to love and be loved, is an undescribeable wonderful feeling .. 😀

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