It was a memorable moment to be the official wedding photographer who captured Ishwara and Thanusyia’s wedding reception in the aircraft 30,000ft above sea level, who set a record in the Malaysia Book of Records. What a wonderful moment and journey for them who are able to believe in their dream. Ishwara made his confirmation with me almost a year ago and we all were excited about it and long before I have been waiting for this day to come. The assignment was quite tough and had brought me a lot of stress. Ishwara told me that I am the person who have the knowledge of aircraft operations and so I took them in my wedding slot right away. It was touch to be capturing good moments as we are all being surrounded by a group of people from the media and friends but I am quite pleased with the pictures. In life we hardly came across such weddings that involves tight operation planning. Thanks to everyone of you in AirAsia that made our dream a successful one. All the best~

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