I am not a lovey-dovey person – not a fan of love songs, romance stories or movies but secretly, I love weddings (yeah, the irony). Why? I have no idea but I feel there is something magical about wedding.

There is something magical about wedding that are beyond words description – witnessing a celebration of love where two souls walking down the aisle, hand in hand together, to start a life of their own, a journey of together toward a brand new adventure, and for the wedding attendees, we are like the spectators to this incredible journey of the newly weds.

I have attended quite a number of weddings since young but nothing as cool as the one I recently added where the wedding ceremony lives up to the sentence – love is in the air. For real.

Iswara, our AirAsia Allstar member recently settled down and his wedding was held 30,000 above sea level – yup, in a plane and it was a first wedding onboard an AirAsia plane! How cool is that??

The traditional Indian wedding took place on 9th December 2010. We received our boarding pass at Gate Y1-Y2 and proceed to the boarding area where we await for the bride and groom’s arrival. Yup, we even have a boarding pass! Everyone was excited to be part of the memorable wedding. Afterall, how often do you get a chance to attend wedding in the air?

We were chit-chatting about Iswara and Thanusyia – how they met etc and before we know it, we can hear the lively drums and Nadaswaram music by Indian classical musicians which signalled the arrival of the bride and groom. Everyone was tingled with excitement to see the couple.

“Wow….” was my expression when the couple walked into the boarding gate – the bride looks absolutely stunning (most of us have never meet the bride before this) in the wedding saree she wore.

But suddenly, the scene turned into a media frenzy as the media goes all out to take photographs and video of the couple (I was one of the ‘paparazzis’ trying to ‘fight’ among the media and official photographers to get some good shots). From the moment the couple step into the boarding gate till they board the plane, it was a non-stop ‘paparazzi’ moments!

Family, friends and colleagues boarded the plane and it was the most cheerful and merry flight I’ve ever taken in my life – with all the well wishes, cheers along with the lively drums and Nadaswaram music by Indian classical musicians. The wedding was graced by our Chairman, Dato’ Aziz Bakar who conveyed his well wishes in truly AirAsia style – via the aircraft public address system onboard.

The Thali tying ceremony took place onboard where Iswara tied the Thali around Thanusyia’s which symbolizes their commitment for marriage, which was blessed by the priest (yup, it was a complete and full traditional Indian wedding), family members, relatives and friends.

I know what you want to ask – where did the plane took off to? Just around the skies 😛

When we touched down to the ground, there were more ‘paparazzi’ moments for the stars of the day.

It is a memorable wedding for all the guests who attended. The most memorable moment for me, is the looks in Iswara & Thanusyia’s eyes – filled with happiness, love and joy.

Again, congratulations to AirAsia Allstar, Iswara & Thanusyia!

Check out the photos at http://www.facebook.com/AirAsia#!/album.php?aid=313816&id=18801397386

-Swee Ping-