I flew to Phuket last week. I have to stay overnight in Kuala Lumpur (I can catch the connecting flight but the hassle of running around queuing and going through security (urgh) as I’m from Kuching. After queuing to get my bag scan by the security I have to again queue for my flight to Phuket.

Ok everything went pretty well. Boarding in time and good landing. No complaint.

Now my trip back from Phuket …yup long queue again n there’s a family in front in the queue with lots of bags and opening their big luggage trying to take out a few stuff from the bags. Well from my point of view I can definitely say that whatever they take out from their bags/luggage are still going to be overweight. So flight back to Kuala Lumpur was ok.

So at the LCCT waiting for my bag after arriving in Kuala Lumpur also takes a pretty long while. After getting my bag I have to rush and queue (long long queue) at the domestic check in counter going through security again and then queuing up again to check in for my flight back to Kuching (Long long queue). Let’s just say if my flight back to Kuching is a bit earlier I would have missed my flight back due to the long queue.

My flight back to Kuching was delayed for 30 – 40 minutes. Guess what the toilet at the LCCT is definitely wet everywhere (compare to the toilet in Phuket it’s very clean n dry) and you have to tip toe around the toilet, toilet paper all over the floor stinky smell.

Gosh I think some people need to go to special class as how to use the public toilet. As usual we need to queue to get into our flight. I’ve got Xpress boarding so my queue is not that long. But it’s the queuing that’s getting a bit urgh! I agreed that Xpress should get seat number.

But then AirAsia is cheaper compare to MAS so no choice lah.

One must not always praise AirAsia. You need to write bad comment so that AirAsia can improved.



  1. Mohammed Faisal Reply

    Good point Elizabeth.. The last time I took AirAsia was in October 07 with my family to Kuching.

    I don’t mind to queue but with 2 kids and 1 infant, it was not so good time to me. I know that AA has the priority pass but I think still AA need to take care of the senior traveller and those with children.

  2. Tharumalingam Reply

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Thank you for taking the time to write to us with your feedback. We have outgrown the capacity of the terminal and that explains the long queues and congestion. The new terminal (built by MAB) will be ready early next year which will house the International departure and arrival lounge and gates and hope this will reduce the congestion. Also, we will be fully implementing web check in (domestic & international) and self check in kiosk with baggage drop off facilities and this will further reduce queues. Currently the airport has limited baggage carousels and with so many incoming flights per hour, it takes longer for your bags to reach you. Extra baggage carousels will be fitted in the new terminal and the existing domestic terminal as well.

    Thank you and hope to see you soon on our flights.

    Kind regards,
    Bo Lingam
    Regional Head, Operations

    As for the dirty toilets, we have informed the airport authorities (MAB) about your comments.

  3. Thank you..Miss Elizabeth.

    This is good news whereby Airasia always do the best to their gst.Airasia also heard yours heart feeling regarding with seat number. Come and travel with Airasia,you will get Hot seat as a Xpress Boarding soon.

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