We started things with a bang and thats exactly what happened this morning. It was an absolute blast as we had the AirAsia X CEO, Azran and AirAsia X Chairman, Dato’ Kalimullah kickstarting the launch of the showdown of historic porportions right here in LCCT. Every second was history in the making as we bid adios to Xcalibur and our first flight to the land of the Queen, London bridge is falling down and the most significant contribution to mankind by the British (besides James Bond and Harry Potter) which is simply – the Teletubbies!

Xcalibur before takeoff

Everything ran perfectly and it was a rounding send off for Xcalibur which took off admist a glowing morning. The kick off event went off without a hitch and Xaclibur taking to the skies is another chapter in the history of aviation with the first ever long haul low cost (yet excellent cabin crew and first class service which Blinky must add) making its way to London.

Pilots being ‘ambushed’ on Xcalibur. Pic taken right before security was called

Blinky would like to take this opportunity to wish all those on board well on their trips to Piccadilly Cirus, the Royal Parks and shopping at Harrods.

The first family who grabbed the first tickets to London. We had to sneak a shot of them being interviewed. Afraid if Blinky was to reveal myself would not be left alive to write this post (yes, i am that cute).

For all others simply going to our red-abulous party at Altitude 360, 29 storeys high with a superb view of London, all Blinky can say is – buy me a t-shirt.

Customary pic of our VIPs right before they board Xcalibur

The world is watching as AirAsia is still making waves all around the globe and London is simply another feather on the cap of another great milestone to where we wanna be.

The party on the ground before the party in the sky

To all staff, Blinky says be proud, for this day, nothing else matters as we did it together. We pitched in together and made this happen. Congratulations to all leaders who had the vision and this must surely be a day that will bring tears to your eyes (we will find evidence of Tony shedding a tear or two). To our guests, nothing means more to us than you celebrating this day with us. Life is simply airasia-nsational.

All aboard the Xcalibur Express. Next stop London.

Look out for more pics soon from Blinky’s gang members from Altitude 360 where the only party in London today is painted red.

PS. The only sad news is that Blinky will not be on Xcalibur and be guarding the office while office pips have fun. Woe is me.


Officer Blinky is the official spy that goes around sniffing for clues of misdeeds and he would like to warn all evil-doers to beware. Although Blinky can't make any recognisible sound but to squeek, this flurry fellow will be going around and sharing insider tips and interesting snippets from various sources (not paid for of course). Be sure to keep tuning in for interesting insights from our smallest but surely not most insignificant evil addition to the clan. By the way, he insists on being called the Adorable One. Remember, if you do bump into him in the night.

  • Panner

    This is surely a very proud moment for all Malaysians. Thank you AIRASIA….

  • Yvonne

    what a shame that officer blinky is not on his/her way to London! someone please send blinky to london…

  • Adam

    Waiting for the moment AA fly to Manchester ….

    Then I can hop in the flight, go to watch football and return back to work.. *LOL*

  • Azimah

    hi..thanks AA.
    my sister is one of the winner for free tickets to london. i wonder when is AA gonna contact her for details?
    does anyone know the details about this?

  • Hui San

    Hihi….Thanks AirAsia!!
    I am also one of the winner for free seats to London……Wow!!!
    May I get know also when AA wanna contact me for the details?? Thank You….:P

  • Poh Ru

    Hi,anyone has the photo that i can see how is the seat arrangement for the flight to london? I am going to London by AA on August and thinking to choose ‘pick a seat’,. Thank you

  • Calvin

    welcome to air asia billa speaking how may i assist you?