Ruey Yi

I wish to go Australia or Holland, it is because my mum is passionate on tulips, she always told us that she wish to live a tulips garden and wish tulips around her. So from I was 13 years old, I promise myself that I will and I must bring my whole family go to Australia or Holland which have pretty tulips garden. So I wish i can win this contest to help my dream and my mum’s dream come true^^


On this 11th of March 2010, AirAsia held a contest namely KiddieDoodle Your Way to a Holiday! The prizes of this contest is AirAsia is giving away FOUR AMAZING return flights to each of these destinations:-

– London
– Gold Coast
– Hangzhou
– Chengdu

I was thinking should I enter this contest or should not..after thinking twice, i found a reason for me to enter this contest.

Basically the mechanism of this contest is

1) Submit a hand-drawn drawing of a family portrait and this is my entry:

I have a big family and you can see from the picture.. yeah!!!

2) State the destination you’d like to visit
Hmm.. so which destination I’m choosing?? Da..Da…Da..Da.. London..This destination is
also one of my reason to enter this low chances blog contest as later on require voter to
vote for Most ” Like” entry.
Just try my luck here.

3) and Why you deserve to win
Hmm, this is a good question what’s the reason supporting me to win this?? Yeah, I have a very good reason here..

Basically,previously I heard of my mom mentioned before that my Grandpa who’s now aged at 70++ almost 80 would like to go London, but does not have the money to travel there..

Sure you’ll be wondering why..This is all because he would like to visit his grandson who stay in London and only come back once every few years..

I still remembered the last time I saw my cousins was when he’s in primary school and now he’s in High School.. you can do the math calculation right..consider as N years.. Since AirAsia is having this contest which have the chances fly to London, I think should give a try and fulfill dreams grandfather to visit his grandson..This is a good chance and would hope AirAsia will pick my entry..
If I have get selected I would quickly pack all my stuff and fly with my Grandpa to visit my little cousin..this is a hope of a old man…


a) Paint – Dream of Red happiness drawn by our little princess
b) Choice of Destiny – London

I least deserve this holiday but deserve more to own the experience of seeing London from the eyes of my parents. A trip to the UK when he is in his sixties is what I promised Dad during my doodle days. I remember drawing the airplane to narrate it better. Today i realized, it could have been only possible if i had painted the airplane with red. Airasia paints not only the sky in red but also our dream of happiness. Back then, Dad held my hands and showed; this is your school, this is your university and these are the places that make your dreams of the future come true. Now, I want to hold Dad’s hands and show him the dreams he harboured about me has come true as I hold his hands and as we stand in awe admiring the ‘Theatre of Dreams’ and remind him that he’ll never Walk Alone as we’re seated in the grand Spion Kop of Anfield. Although one team is his favourite and the other the arch rivals, I have no doubt he will treasure both these spectacular structures. No guesses on which is his favourite team though :p

I want to show Dad that after a life full of hardships, at sixties, life should be worth living and dreams do come true with a memorable holiday that will last through our memories till end of days. Holidays are best celebrated when it arrives and could this opportunity renew my promise to him?

I call my Mum the historian but don’t get me wrong – It’s not her profession though. It’s just that she is the first person I go to when I have doubts on History – don’t matter whether it is on the early middle ages or just even family history! She just about knows it all. This trip for her would mean the world as she explores London from its Roman Londinium days to its current metropolitan era. I’d be so proud to make her dream to visit historical sites such as the Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge and Westminster Abbey come true.

My brother and I are also excitedly waiting for our chance to experience the Lie-Flat Bed seats on our favorite airlines. A long memorable journey to London would never be made possible without Air Asia, the airline that makes our red dreams come true. Seeing the city of London through the eyes of our parents is what truly we deserve.

  • Sook Chien

    i suggest Ruey Yi be the winner, because Ang picture is out of your title, it’s not london travel, it’s just a birthday party, if she/he win, i no eye see loh…

  • Ang

    Hi Sook Chien,
    Not sure what’s the purpose of you to comment on me. But just to let you know the rule of this contest is:
    1) submit a hand-drawn drawing of a family portrait
    – This state only draw a family potrait from my understanding
    2) state the destination you’d like to visit
    3) and the reason why we deserve to win

    So, I’m not sure why my picture is out of title. If you say out of title Ruey Yi entry should be out too as she mentioned want to go Australia or holland, If is Australia should choose Gold Coast not London.

    This is my own opinions and no offense here. Thanks.Furthermore, I think Malliga is the winner.. ^.^