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06 April 2009

London and I

By Karen

I almost chocked on my teh tarikwhen we received a duty call from Tony to meet him in London last week. LONDON! Wow! Seriously?!

LONDON! Has always been a little bit far fetch for me, thought AirAsia is flying to London with ridiculously low price, I just didn’t think London was gonna happen in another year or two. After all, my backpacking plan this year is to conquer the land of the Dragon(China) and the land of thousand spices (India). And Europe the year after.

But pleasant surprise that came a little too soon can’t be a bad thing after all :)

When it comes to travel, there are 3 things that will have me fall head over heals with -> the air, the food and the (gorgeous) people. haha!

Although winter almost ended and Brits were ushered into spring, London’s weather was still very cold and unpredictable. Never have I thought that the weather channel could be so welcoming every morning! Believe it or not, throughout our 6 day stay in London, we have only seen the sun once! Seriously! Everyday was grey and cold, in fact…too cold for me :(

But having said that, London is still awesome! Everybody looked as thought they just stepped out from Vogue magazine! Oh yeah, Brits are a sexy bunch! Which resulted in me having visual orgasm all the time haha!

The other thing that I enjoy much about London is SHOPPING! I know this sound ridiculous but shopping in London was fantastic! Even after currency conversion to Ringgit, things were still pretty cheap compare to what we can get here in Malaysia. Just imagine…walking into Mark and Spencer, Zara, Top shop and everything is priced as half. Wouldn’t you go gaga?! I know I would, and I did! 😀

The only regret I had was that I didn’t get to visit all the tourist spots! Which would be awesome for my photo album :(

But who knows, maybe I will get another duty call to London! Hehe!

Matching purple scarf and crumple bag, didn’t I tell you I am a purple freak?!

Mimi and I fooling around while waiting for the train

The obligatory Underground sign shot

Broadband Power to the People! Wah! Punchy line!

Vintage shop – lotsa ’em in London

Street scene

Click here for more photos 😀

  • Almond

    almondstar is a purple freak too!!