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16 December 2008

Loco Loco Over Mother Nature

By Yvonne

If you like the outdoors, raise your hand!

I get really excited when I’m outdoors. It’s what I call going loco-loco. I think it is the combination of fresh air, blue skies, sunlight, tall green trees and unique living creatures all rolled into one, that makes me go ape-excited over Mother Nature.

I’ve been brought up the typical Malaysian way – read: being outdoors means mosquitoes, sweat and poisonous creatures lurking behind trees. Oh, and let’s not forget the endless supply of ghost and spirits which always are in stock during campfires.

Along the way, I discovered that the outdoors isn’t only filled with mosquitoes and spirits but it is made up of many, many special living organisms. In fact, Malaysia is the 12th mega-diverse countries in the world. Malaysia has 60% to 70% of the world’s biodiversity (flora and fauna)

Every time I say that to my family, I get a response that sounds something like this…

‘’Can you pass the chicken, please?’’

Hey, it’s understandable, not everyone is outdoor-inclined but truly, there’s really plenty to discover outdoors. Even trees are very different from one another if one looks really closely.

Each state in Malaysia has something different and unique to offer – from the turtles in Penang (yes, you heard me right) to elephants and seahorses in Johor and magnificent corals off Sandakan. Rare dolphins in Langkawi (only if you’re lucky!) to more dolphins in Kuching, towering 100 year old trees off Kuantan and bats of Miri; Malaysia is one tropical country with an endless supply of life forms! Take time off and discover Mother Nature. You won’t be disappointed. For those out there who have been bitten by the bug, I’d love to hear from you… :)

  • Hemala

    Hi Yvonne!!
    I love the outdoors as well…use to hike quite a bit some time back but sadly have not lately….Been to Taman Negara twice and Endau Rompin too …am so amazed though in all my hikes have yet to be bitten by a leech…i guess their not that into me!

  • Yvonne

    Yea! Good to hear that! Will you do Manado or Makassar?
    Leeches use smell or movement to detect thier err ‘prey’ so you either didn’t smell to appetizing or your movements were stealth-like :) I think it’s the latter.

  • Almond

    I have never encounter leeches before but was bitten by many mosquitoes!!! Never been to Taman Negara but I was one of the volunteer for mangrove trees replanting at Tumpat, Kelantan. My class of 40 undergrads planted over 2000 seedlings!!

  • Yvonne

    wow…2000 seedlings! i wonder how your saplings are doing now? Have you gone back to check ’em out?

  • Almond

    Not doing so good I guess, still got flood in Tumpat. So sad no photos because everyone is covered in mud! But I got a small scar on my feet as memory, was cut by some shellfish because was barefooted all the time! Will visit if got time..