Dear Tony

I was very excited when the news of AirAsia is flying to Tianjin starts on April as I was in the midst of finding a cheap ticket to Beijing to start on my Trans-Siberian trip. I bought the ticket on the 1st day ticket launch and managed to purchase it for RM600.I cut down a lot on air ticket is definitely save heaps of my cost for my budget travel. For my whole 24days Trans-Siberian trip (over 100hrs hours on train) across 3 countries from China – Russia- Mongolia – China, I managed to keep my budget on RM4500 all in.

Russians are tied up closely by Trains-Siberian that cross 7 time zones; is their main transport on long distance from one city to another. Somehow this train has become one of the famous travel spot for travelers to hop off and on the train at the host of fascination places en route, I have visited Pearl of Siberia- the oldest and deepest Lake Baikal; enjoy magnificent Mongolian endless grassland and countless sheep and finally visit stunning Great Wall and Forbidden City in China. Beside scenery, the most memorable thing definitely people I met along my train journey especially in Russian train. Russians are always define as unfriendly, however once the ice has been broken on the train, found myself being stuffed of food and beers.

Trains-Siberian is not for travelers in a hurry and these working trains are not particularly glamorous. However one thing is for sure : This is the journey of a lifetime.

Again, Thank you for making my trans-siberian comes true with an affordable budget.



  1. Amirah Kausar Reply

    i couldnt figure out wat is it in the first picture .. ermm … it looked like a ‘tent’ to me ? and u mean to say, u stayed thru n thru for 24 days in the train ? can u give me d url so i can have the same experience too …

  2. Joo Reply

    the first picture is Mongolian Ger ( or yurt)
    I traveled from one city to another, from China to Russia then to Mongolia and back to China all the way by train.I enjoyed all my train rides in these 3 countries, experience different types of trains. see different scenery and of course meet different people.
    What URL you are looking for?

  3. Khai Chung Reply

    Hi Joo,

    Can you let me know how do you travel from Tianjin to Beijing? how much is the train and where to board? I hope you can give me the details as I am going in July. thanks.

  4. Hi Khai Chung,

    I take the super fast bullet trains from Tianjin station straight into Beijing. Trains leave every 15-30 minutes depending on time of day.

    Fares are only about 50 RMB – so less than RM30 one-way.

    There are buses and taxis from Tianjin airport to Tianjin train station – only about 15 min drive.

  5. Joo Reply

    Thanks Azran for the reply 😀

    HI Khai Chung,

    When you come out from Tianjin airport, take airport shuttle to Tianjin Railway station (RMB10). From Tianjin Railway Station purchase the bullet train ticket RMB58. 😀

  6. Hi Joo,

    I’m wondering if you could provide me with details on your trip. I was also hoping to plan this kind of trip. Is this the one on the Silk Road or something like that? Thanks for your information.

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