Have u ever thanked your body for all the services rendered to you all this while? Have you ever comforted your body when you are sick or when you are unable to do certain movements? Have you ever told your body that it is ok if you can’t do certain movements now and you can try it together again? This is the most valuable lesson that I learnt during the Yoga retreat given that I push my body extra hard all these years from my climbing and running and not once I gave credit to my body only myself.

The beautiful Spa Resort Chiang Mai

Yoga retreat in Chiang Mai (organized under Allstars Health and Wellness program) taught us many important lessons and almost everyone being touched by certain thought one way or another. It was held at The Spa Resort, a breathtaking beautiful Resort tucked 45 minutes away from Chiang Mai town. For once, I didn’t feel like a tourist, but a preferred guest instead. The room was fantastic and the simplicity of everything made it grandeur (who needs roman pillars?) simple wooden patio with lots of lemon grass that tickle your senses is all what we needed. Anywhere we went, our eyes feasted on lush greenery, our nose detect hints of flowers and lemon grass and mango, the humming of bees and gentle wind like a lullaby to the ears. Everything was perfect!

The trail up to the Yoga salas was quite a journey, passing by the villas and orchards, everything around us was picture or serenity and calmness. When we were introduced to Mr Lek, our Yoga master, I was humbled by his presence. Something about his aura comforted you. It was his voice that we heard during our meditation and his voice guide us to discover the our deepest feelings and it was him that make us believe that we can do anything, and true enough, most of us can make it. Yoga is not all about intensity, but it’s about doing it correctly and learns not to punish yourself if you can’t do it. I am more at peace with myself now. We can’t just believe our eyes when he told us his age and he told us that Yoga stops the ageing process. YEAY!

Open massage area..

One of the most memorable activities that I did when we were there was the massage and the facial. It was HEAVENLY! It was the best 2 hours of my life and I feel physically happy and relaxed after my session.

Simply deliciously-healthy vegetarian meal

Yoga, massage, facial and vegetarian food, I can live up to 150 years old if I am to do this everyday. The food prepared was scrumptious and all fresh from the garden. Thailand is famous for their Tom Yum but vegetarian Tom Yum really takes the cake. The food prepared were not just another meal, you can see that there were lots of thought put into it, the ingredients complimented each other, the smell, the texture and even the color. Our refreshments were made of pure pineapple and orange juice (fresh from garden) and the desserts (made of very healthy ingredient) were beyond comparison.

Allstars Happy campers with the Resort founder; Guy Hopkins and Khun Faeng; Head of Yoga Department

At the end of the trip, there are lots of thoughts and feelings that I have to revisit and reanalyze, for that I am truly grateful for. Everyone in the Allstars group had a wonderful time and I guess we came to realize that the journey to self discovery takes a little bit of body twisting and a quiet mind.

Determinedly – Stupid Yvonne