Everyday at 1 pm, all across the globe, people will celebrate with the official lunch time (plus minus 1 hour) by sitting in the sun, visiting KLCC, taking a joyride, having GOOD food. For us at LCCT, there can only be gloom, screams of anger and extreme unhappiness. There has been known cases of suicidal happenings and a near riot.

As per normal office routine, we too can not make a decision of where to eat and what to eat, not because of too many options as other offices in KL but because daily eating at LCCT is a real pain. We will have our fearless leader (rotation basis on the one who decides the lunch torture for the day) who will lead us to a choice of venue and food.

Eating is equally a pain with limited choices we have. For guests who have been to LCCT, you have experienced our pain. Only in our case take that pain your mind and times that by 365 days a year and an extra five times for repetitive pain. Its similar to being pulled apart into five pieces by horses or parachuting into a pool of crocodiles in physical terms.

After lunch everyday, we end up sitting still staring into empty space as we wonder what wrong we ever did to deserve this (I personally sat in my corner weeping once).

Most of the time, we end up banging our heads at the walls in frustration (also a reported case in one sent to nearby detention centre). All this despite us having a lounge, and that speaks volumes. People say that we eat to live. I dare the next one to say so to come work in LCCT and eat where we eat. To all guests who understand, do write in and we can share the pain.

To all my colleagues and lunchmates, heres to the collective pain (did I mention pain already). And as I finish this post, its nearly 1…the pain!!!!!!!!


  • Almond

    not that bad ma, eating tako (octopus) for lunch.. haha.. when I slurp my hot- savory- yummy- inexpensive -healthy-seafood noddle soup during lunch, I will think of you banging your head in LCCT

  • Karen

    Ya, perhaps we all need to tapao food from home. Sigh

  • Joinod

    I think it is still very very much better than working in a hotel! try asking anyone of your frens who’ve worked there ofcoz not the mgr’s?……n if u bother enuf to tell me the outcome

  • Derek

    Heres to all people who have equal ‘sufferings’ at their work. You may be right Joinod about the hotel industry. Our heart goes out to all of you. Have a happy lunch.

  • Adikk

    It’s 1pm as i’m typing this.. yr entry makes me thankful that i can have nasi briyani, mee soto, lontong, horfun, chicken rice and the likes for lunch…..

  • Maria

    your sotong on the plate and your people stabbing the sotong, look alike, but the sotong look like its screaming, and the person next look like he’s getting ready to smash the sotong incasd it squiggles away….so mcuh suffering in the pic…hehehheeh

  • Sze Chin

    hahaha…sometimes working near klcc isnt a good thing too. i had been working new klcc for 2months and i start to get bored of the food and also the long Q during the lunch time. anyway, cheer up~

  • Ho

    Suggestion – how about looking for a caterer to send you lunch everyday. Of course the menu will have to differ everyday. Maybe to get a caterer willing to travel everyday to LCCT – need more people to ‘sign-up’?