AirAsia is pleased to inform guests that we are mounting a rescue flight from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok today. The flight will depart LCCT Sepang at 4.25 pm Malaysian time and will arrive at the U-Tapao Airbase in Bangkok at 5:30 pm Thai time. Please note that the flight departing for Kuala Lumpur from U-Tapao at 6.00 pm Thai time, will be for guests who have been stranded in Bangkok for the past 3 days.

AirAsia Rescue Flight

AK886D Kuala Lumpur-Bangkok (U-Tapao) 1625/1730
AK887D Bangkok (U-Tapao)-Kuala Lumpur 1800/2105

Guests have been notified by phone.

Outbound guests from Kuala Lumpur to U-Tapao will be transported by bus to central Bangkok free of charge. Meanwhile, guests flying back to Kuala Lumpur will be provided complimentary bus pick-up to U-Tapao from the Novotel Bangna Bangkok, 333 Srinakarin Road, Bangkok at 2pm Thai time.

Please note that guests will be accepted on the flight subject to availability of seats.

Please revisit this blog or to get further updates.


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