Malaysia Trip

We are family of three, My name is Alex, my wife’s name is Cynthia and my son’s name is Kevin (he’s 4 years). We went on a vacation to Malaysia during Christmas and it turned out to be our most memorable trip. Although, we have been on family vacations to US, UK and Singapore, the corals and snorkeling experience in Langkawi made all the difference.

Langkawi Is Simply Awesome

Our vacation took at turn when we landed in Langkawi after Kuala Lumpur. It’s a beautiful small Island with lot of action. We had great fun in the cable car ride and looks like a week was not enough to get all the action on Petai Senag beach from water sports, Reflexology, Fish Spa, traditional Malaysian massage, Street Shopping and Duty Free shopping. Although me and my wife were lost in the SPA and shopping, my son loved the beach and chose to stay in water for the most part.

Coral Island is The Place

The best part of our experience was Coral Island, the blue and green waters are still calling us back. The snorkeling trip was really memorable. We saw beautiful coral that I had only seen in national geographic. Swimming there was like a therapy, leaving work, world and rat race behind. Swimming with those colorful fish with my son was my most memorable trip.

Thank You AirAsia

Finally, when I come to think of why we chose Malaysia, I think it was because of AirAsia was really cool, their flights were always on time (except for one time, that’s acceptable) You can choose you food, choose your seats, service was great. My wife is already excited as AirAsia has started service from Chennai, India.

Why Thank Now

When in Langkawi, he said as AirAsia took me to Langkawi so I want to say thank you. I said I’ll send them a mail and forgot after work caught me. Now my son is recovering from a Viral Fever and is resting at home for a week. I think he is thinking about the Langkawi trip. He reminded me to thank AirAsia for making it all happen, so here it goes.

Thank You AirAsia from Kevin Daniel Paul ( the painting above was what he did after the trip)


  • Ashish

    Its funny and admiration to Air Asia that people are choosing the destination where Air Asia serves.
    Btw, i am also looking forward to my trip to Malaysia traveling by Air Asia coming fortnight.

  • Alex

    The admiration is not for the low cost, its for the service that comes with the low cost. It looked a lot like Jetblue and Southwest airlines inspired.

    It was low-price that drove us to take the holiday. Chennai-Kuala Lumpur rates were the same as Chennai- Mumbai on Jet Airways. They are becoming the southwest of Asia. (or even better as Southwest only flies within US)

  • Jerry

    Hi Alex,

    We are holidaying in langkawi in May’10. Booked the tickets on Airasia but haven’t booked accommodation. Any suggestions as to where we can stay in langkawi. we are there for three nights – family with two kids.


    Please email :

  • Anis

    It’s good if you know everyone had a fabulous time. I have traveled by Air Asia and my trip was fantastic, beginning with my stay at one of the best serviced hotel in Malaysia.