Never been to East Malaysia before, so flew with AirAsia to Kuching recently. Went to the Chinese History Museum, Kuching Water Front, mosque and Tua Pek Kong Temple, all located in Kuching town.

Also went to Semenggoh Nature Reserve to see orang utans and a Bidayuh Longhouse with a tourist guide that charged us RM150 per person.

At Bidayuh Longhouse, there is a head house where the head trophies are placed.

The picture below shows the Bidayuhs’ lifestyle in the longhouse.

We also went to Gunung Gading National Park but saw only one rafflesia (not so big). Unfortunately, my camera had no battery that time and I was unable to snap shots of the big flower. We went there by bus through Lundu town which charge us RM10 one way per person. From Lundu town, we took a white bas sewa to the national park for RM10 one way. The entry fee to the national park is RM10. Overall, the cost of going there is only RM50 per person.

We lived in a budget hotel and the budget hotel price is from RM45 onwards. We had good food also where our friend from Kuching treated us to seafood. The fried oyster at Kuching is different from the Penang fried oyster where the oyster was fried like a big keropok (cracker) and the oyster stick on the keropok.

We also ate laksa sarawak, its soup was like curry mee soup only brown in colour and also cook with coconut milk. It is cooked with mihun with prawn and chicken meat.

Also ate mee kolok. Nothing special about mee kolok, only cooked mee mixed with soya sauce. The price of a bowl of mee is similar to Penang’s price which ranges from RM2.50 to RM3.00.

Hope I have the chance to come back to Sarawak as I wish to visit Bako National Park. With AirAsia, average people like me can also travel, hope AirAsia expands its network so that traveling to all tourist attraction countries is possible, I am just waiting to fulfill my dreams.



  1. What a huge fried oyster dish! Issit chili dipping sauce in the middle? Or they give you other type of sauce? Yum the laksa sarawak is mouth watering!!

  2. Michelle-ann Reply

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  3. You should visit Bako National Park if you happen to be in Kuching.

    Go for jungle trekking to explore growing plants & living animals in Bako National Park. If you are lucky, you might see proboscis monkeys wandering around to welcome you!

  4. Pardon me Cindy, the ‘O-Jien’ or Fried Oyster is best dip in light soy sauce and our Sarawak laksa doesn’t taste like curry (not curry after all) mee soup. It’s what we called ‘belacan’ (blended chilli) laksa.

    The one you ate probably served as belacan laksa and ‘kolo mee’ are among the popular noodles around town, not with dark soya sauce but with some pinch of ‘secret ingredients’, a bit of ajinamoto (no vineger) and pork oil.

    Hope you enjoy your stay and do come back more often 🙂

  5. The Borneo Highlands website is a nice place to check out as well.

    Go holiday, go holiday domestic, go holiday regional all made rather affordable by no other but Air Asia 🙂

    Not to mention that long haul is also already available with AirAsia X 🙂

  6. i miss all those food. for me the mee kolok is like a heaven food for me. asking me to eat mee kolok 3 meals a day – no problem bcos i’m loving it. hahaha… been eaten the mee for 26 years and i still loving it.

    You know everytimes i back from kuala lumpur to sibu, and once the plane touched the ground, all in my mind is mee kolok. hahaha… i do not need to mention much because once dad pick me from airport i will heading for my mee kolok with my baggages in my car.

    Kuching is a nice place. Do visit Damai Beach next time. Welcome to Sarawak!

    p/s: next time go to kuching, so ask those local where is the most delicious char siu bun and also “shio bi” in kuching. somewhere near the india street market. =)

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