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29 May 2012

Konnichiwa Allstars!

AirAsia Social Media team

By AirAsia Social Media team

My name is Kota, a secondee from ANA to AirAsia for 6 months. I walked into the doors of the Redfort last month and it has been an amazing experience to date. The energy, the vibe, the fun and friendly culture, the passion, curiosity and kindness of Allstars definitely are the driving power of AirAsia.

Every day in Malaysia and in AirAsia is a learning process and a new experience for me; from the food to the various languages spoken to the people, various cultures, work culture, the list goes on. I like nasi lemak, spicy curries, tried my first coconut water, tried ordering in Malay at a mamak stall (“Bang, roti satu, teh tarik satu, terima kasih), tried blending as a local by speaking to the taxi driver in Malay, ran my first marathon at the Borneo International Marathon, just too many to list down.

When I came onboard, I thought why not introduce my culture and language to the Allstars when they take it upon them to introduce their culture and language to me. I decided to teach Japanese for free. Conducting the class has been an amazing experience. The first day 200 people signed up! It exceeded my expectation and I was blown away by the willingness of the Allstars to learn a foreign language and I was more than willing and proud to share it with everyone.

I am glad I came to AirAsia when they are celebrating their 10th anniversary. Of course it is a great milestone but the best part is everyone received a gift from the company and so did I! The office suddenly turned into a sea of red, as Allstars proudly showed off their special red hoodies! I can see how proud Allstars are, to be an Allstar in AirAsia. I’m also very proud to be a part of the Allstars’ spirit!

– Kota Suzuki –
posted on behalf by AirAsia Social Media Team