Everyone knows where the party’s at – Koh Samui! So of course when the invitation to hop along on the trip to Surat Thani and Koh Samui, I said “YES!” immediately! Packing up my party hat, fancy shoes and big huge appetite (I’m Malaysian. Food is constantly in my brain), I boarded the 1.5 hour flight to the beautiful land of Surat Thani, Southern Thailand.

Upon reaching, my stomach growled ferociously in hunger. So, the first thing on my mind was food, glorious food! Though I expected Tom Yum Goong and Pad Thai for lunch (it’s Thailand, after all), I was treated to an extraordinarily sumptuous meal at Pumduang Restaurant. The salted egg omelette was so savoury and delicious that I shamelessly asked for seconds (and thirds). The Beef Bone Thai Curry is a delicacy not to be missed, and I thoroughly enjoyed the Thai Squid Salad, filled with fresh squid, prawns, fresh greens, cilantro and fried onions that gave my taste palette a roller-coaster swirl through tangy and spicy. Filled with yummylicious Surat Thani cuisine, this eager traveller can’t wait to get the party started. Transferring at Dom Sak Pier, I headed towards Koh Samui.

What to do on a beautiful tropical island? I headed to the nearby Koh Tao, one of three islands from a unique cluster, where I got to snorkel with the many fishes at the beautiful Lighthouse Bay. Clear blue sparkling sea – it was an open invitation on a hot summery day to swim freely in the cool waters. I spied with my little eye an amazing array of corals and colourful trigger fishes.

Once I was done swimming (goodbye fishies… ), I headed over to the nearby Koh Nang Yuan. What I saw was more than expected. The beautiful paradise was breathtakingly spectacular – an inviting blue lagoon, soft white sand and so much privacy that I long for someone to ruin my solitary bubble. With the many umbrellas lined up along the beach, I couldn’t help but to just sit and stare at the astounding beauty of the cerulean sea set against a backdrop of hilly landscapes and clear blue skies. By the way, do come in the afternoon as the high tide comes in the evening, so you won’t be able to cross over to the connecting islands. Being quite the adventurer, I clambered to the top of a hill to enjoy the magnificent view. I’ll let the photos do the talking :-)

As I reached back to Koh Samui, my feet automatically headed towards the inviting Melati Spa, as if my body’s crying out for a pampering session. Greeted by the friendly staff at the spa, I was treated to a cooling coconut drink, much to my thirsty delight! The spa’s elegantly decorated interior promises a serene and relaxing spa experience. Time passed slowly as I enjoyed the 90 minute relaxing and detoxifying Melati Massage, and without much realization, the sun had already set. An idle stroll along Chaweng Street to end the day offered much satisfaction for an urban shopaholic like me as I enjoyed the local stores with much clothing choices and knick-knacks.

Day Three of my Koh Samui/Surat Thani holiday, and though I was bummed by the news that the Full Moon Party will only happen at the beginning of the month (lesson learnt: do your research before heading over), I was still excited by the fact that I will get to do some sight-seeing today! Koh Samui, you never fail to disappoint! I headed over to Wat Phra Yai where the Big Buddha statue is located. The huge structure stood in all its gold grandeur, as tourists came to marvel at the sheer 15 metres height and its remarkable beauty.

My sight-seeing tour proceeded to Lad Koh Viewpoint that overlooks Chaweng Beach, where I let the wind blow into my hair as I enjoyed the view from atop. All hopes of a quiet reading afternoon with my Murakami were blown away as there were quite a lot of tourists up there as well, but not that I minded much. Next up was the Monkey School where the mischievous little simians loved the attention as they skilfully climbed up towering coconut trees to retrieve the coconuts.

My time in Koh Samui ended with style, but I’m excited to be able to explore Surat Thani next! Stay tuned to the next entry next week as I’ll be exploring the amazing Surat Thani where I’ll explore a famous dam, see the borders of China, and consume even more food than ever!

  • Haniff