I am so relieved to know AirAsiaX has now launched the long-waited service direct from Kuala Lumpur to London. Stansted may not be as famous as her big sisters i.e Heathrow & Gatwick but in Europe, Stansted is definitely one of the most famous!

Ryanair, the nation’s low-cost airline has been using STN as its port for the past few years and being the cheapest airline on the net, they’re very very popular indeed; you can go as far away to the east as Constanta in Bulgaria or as far west as Gran Canaria in the Atlantic!

That is an opportunity (the cheapest way) for those who come from South-east Asia to travel to Europe and making STN as the starting point!

BUt remember to make sure you know the important information before heading off to these countries in Europe; you may need to apply for visa before hand!

Of course, unless you are already a Brit that is! 😛

As for me, I will try to see the cheapest time possible to go back to Malaysia next year. I have no idea what the luggage fee gonna be with AirAsiaX but I definitely won’t bring too much with me!!!

Bon Voyage y’all!


  • Maria

    I’ve been to Ryanair website, they have offers till 1 pound a flight. And also they have Ryanair hotel/hostel as well, to 6 pound a night. i’ll definitely book a flight with them once i set to go Stansted. exciting right … now every one can travel Europe.