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10 March 2010

“KANTOI” with Zee Avi Contest!

AirAsia Social Media team

By AirAsia Social Media team

YES! Finally Zee Avi* is back in Malaysia! It is our great honor to be a part of this “LIVE in KL” concert this coming 20th March 2010 and we want to make it more meaningful by giving out 3 Pairs of VIP Meet & Greet Passes to meet her!

All you need to do is…

–> TELL us your “KANTOI” experience OR share your friend’s “KANTOI” experience

A) Twitter – Yes, write in 1 message (within 140 character) with tag of @AirAsiaDotCom
– ONE winner

B) Blog Comments – Begin your story right here in the comment box! (no limitation of words)
– TWO winners

Don’t know what “KanToi” is about?? Listen to it right here:

Contest Period

Start – 1501hrs, 10 March 2010 (GMT +8:00hrs)
End – 2359hrs, 17 March 2010 (GMT +8:00hrs)

Submit your entry now before 17 March 2010! Only ONE entry / or FIRST entry will be conditioned. We look forward to hear your “Kantoi” experience!


*Zee Avi (born Izyan Alirahman, also known as KokoKaina; born in 1986) is a Malaysian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and ukulele player. She was born in Miri, Sarawak, on the island of Borneo. She moved to Kuala Lumpur when she was 12. She studied fashion design at American InterContinental University in London. Source from Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zee_Avi)

Booking : http://www.airasiaredtix.com/zeeavi.aspx
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RedTix

Terms and Conditions


1. ‘Kantoi with ZeeAvi’ Contest [“Contest”] is organized by AirAsia Berhad [“AirAsia”]. The Contest will commence from on 15:01hrs (GMT+8:00hrs) of 10th March 2010 and end on 23:59hrs (GMT+8:00hrs) of 17th March 2010 [“Contest Period”]. The winners of this Contest will receive the following prize: –


• Total 3 x pairs of vip meet and greet passes.
o 1 x pairs for Twitter’s Winner
o 2 x pairs for Blog’s comment Winner


• Winners require to collect the passes two (2) hours before the Event starts on 20th March 2010 at the KL Life Centre.

2. The Contest is open to the public [“Participants”] except for the following:

a. Permanent and/or temporary staff or employees of AirAsia, P.T. Indonesia AirAsia, Thai AirAsia Co., Ltd., AirAsia X and Go Holiday Sdn. Bhd and their immediate family members;

b. Representatives and/or agents (including advertising & promotion) of AirAsia, P.T. Indonesia AirAsia, Thai AirAsia Co., Ltd., AirAsia X and Go Holiday Sdn. Bhd.

By virtue of an entry to the Contest, the Participants signify their acceptance and agreement to all terms & conditions set out here.

3. Contest Period:
• on 15:01hrs (GMT+8:00hrs) of 10th March 2010 and end on 23:59hrs (GMT+8:00hrs) of 17th March 2010 [“Contest Period”].
• Winners will be announce on 18th of March 2010 onwards

4. To qualify for the Contest, the Participants will have to do the following:

Contest Mechanism:

a) Participants must be a follower of @AirAsiaDotCom

b) Participants need to submit their “Kantoi” story within the length of Twitter Message (140 characters) with @AirAsiaDotCom tag.

c) One entry per every follower is allowed / First entry of the followers will be conditioned as the entry.

B. Blog Comments
a) Participants must be a registered user of AirAsia account under http://blog.airasia.com.

b) Participants need to submit their “Kantoi” story as a comment to the published contest’s post.

c) One entry per every guest is allowed / First entry of the guest will be conditioned as the entry.

5. Selected winners will be contacted, at any time deemed appropriate by AirAsia, via telephone or email.

6. Only genuine entries will be accepted.

7. Only the Participant(s) that fulfil the contest mechanism stated above shall be eligible to win the prize(s). Incomplete entries and/or Participants that fail to fulfil the Contest Mechanism will automatically be disqualified from the Contest without prior notice.

8. There will be only fifty 3 winners for this Contest
a. 3 x pair of VIP tickets

9. The winners will be selected by AirAsia. No correspondence will be entertained.

10. Selected winners will be contacted, from 17th March onwards and at any time deemed appropriate by the Organiser, via email, Facebook and Twitter.

11. Winners’ name will also be announced online at AirAsia Facebook Fan Page and @AirAsiaDotCom Twitter account.

12. The Organiser (including its respective employees, staff and agents) shall not be liable for any loss (including loss of opportunity and consequential loss arising therewith) and/or any damage suffered by any winner in connection with the Contest.

13. The prize is not exchangeable and/or transferable. Failure to accept prize by the winner(s) when required to do so shall constitute a rejection by such winner(s) and the Organiser reserves its rights to award the prize to another winner.

14. The winners are bound by the terms and conditions that come with the prize.

15. AirAsia reserves its rights to publish or display materials or information, including but not limited to the names and photographs of all Participants for marketing, advertising and publicity purposes in any manner it deems appropriate. AirAsia further reserves its right to use any personal data of Participants in any manner and/or for any purpose it deems fit and participant is deemed to consent to such use with no monetary payment.

16. AirAsia reserve its right to cancel, terminate or suspend the Contest with or without any prior notice and reason. For the avoidance of doubt, cancellation, termination or suspension by AirAsia shall not entitle the Participants to any claim or compensation against AirAsia and for any and all losses or damages suffered or incurred as a direct or indirect result of the act of cancellation, termination or suspension.

17. The terms and conditions herein shall prevail over any inconsistent terms, conditions, provisions or representations contained in any other promotional or advertising materials for the Contest.

18. AirAsia reserves its right to vary, delete or add to any of these Terms and Conditions and/or substitute or replace the gifts from time to time without any prior notice.

19. By participating in the Contest, it is deemed that the Participants agrees to be bound by the terms and subject to the conditions herein set out upon submission of entry. The decisions of AirAsia in relation to every aspect of the Contest including but not limited to the type of prize and winner shall be deemed final and conclusive under any circumstance and no complaint from any Participants will be entertained.

20. The decision of judges appointed by AirAsia is final, conclusive and binding and no further appeal, enquiry and/or correspondence will be entertained.

  • Chek Eng

    When I was young in Taiping, I took the family’s mini bicycle out for a spin and then to meet my friends for our usual outdoor games.

    I had so much fun that I didn’t realise it was already late in the afternoon. So I quickly ran back home before my mom could scold me.

    Then, she asked, where is the bicycle?! “Opps! “KANTOI”!!!…I have totally forgotten about it and where have I parked the bicycle!? I couldn’t remember!!

    So that was the day I lost my family’s precious mini bicycle! :)

  • Nisa Ilya

    It was already bright when Azrel woke up that day and Naddy wasn’t by his side anymore. Must have overslept he thought. He went to the bathroom, did the usual hygienic routine in the semi-mornings, then later went downstairs.

    He had to pass through the living room first, where he sees his housemate, Shukor with Naddy. He pretends to ignore them and went on to the kitchen. “KANTOI” he muttered.

    “Naddy, no coffee today?” shouted him from the kitchen. “Just a moment baby”, replied nadd. He sat there, yawns and screamed “By the way, I saw what you guys are upto you monkeys!”

    Definitely not the usual overslept Sundays.

  • Ai Ting

    I broke up with my ex because I knew he was cheating on me although he denied it no matter what.

    In attempt to make up, he wanted to bring me on a short trip, I had him to come to my home to convince my mom to let me go, in a way to show his sincerity and also cuz I was still young at that time. So he did, and I agreed to go.

    Little did I know he was still in contact with that girl. I notice he kept on texting on his phone while he’s with me, and i inquired. He claimed that he was texting someone working with him, and showed me the text, fine, it was a guy’s name. Before arriving at the real destination, we had to stop at another city for a night. While he was working out in the gym, he allowed me to use his phone to contact my relatives overseas (the place we’re heading to).

    At that moment, a text message received, from the ‘guy’ whose number I recognized belonging to the girl he was seeing! I have her number because she had the guts to call me one day because she couldn’t find him, no doubt due to work reason, in college. Unless he is gay, the text message wouldn’t make sense at all coming from a guy!

    I walked out on him, packed my bag and left, without going to where we were suppose to go. Imagine this, caught (still) cheating on a “make up trip”. Ouch! SO KANTOI!

  • Suhaimi

    This happened when I was 12, and going home from school. I was running to catch the bus home and didn’t look where I was going. A motorcycle collided with me and I fell hard. But not as hard as the motorcyclist, mind you. I got up, ran to the bus and left the couple on the road in a daze.

    But I got my comeuppance when my bike was stolen an hour later!

  • Nurul Nadiah

    Back in my school day, i hate add math very much, one fine day my math teacher come out with the idea of shocking add math test.
    So i ask my friend who sitting in front of me to turn back and give me the answer, the first 5 minute my friend manage to do that..
    then suddenly my teacher realize it and call his name and asking why did he keep turn back..and he say
    “saya sakit pinggang cikgu” and
    my teacher reply “dah KANTOI nk buat alasan pulak”….. See More
    whole class was laughing and this KANTOI story still be our joke when we meet each other..

  • Yee Ming

    Well it happened on a flight years back. It was tea time on a trip past Europe. We had cheese and crackers. Mom unwrapped the aluminium foin to find the cheese was red coloured! She bit into it and spit it out saying it’s the worst cheese ever! A European pasengger witnessing this slowly opened his cheese-aluminium foil, then red wax coating, held up the cheese and ate it laughing. My mom’s face turned red like the cheese!

  • Siti Murniati

    My story is not about a KANTOI experience but more about the song KANTOI. My 14 yr old daughter heard Zee Avi on youtube by chance and was inspired. We went to Hawaii for a holiday last summer and while there, I bought her a ukulele. Upon her return she would watch Zee Avi over and over again and she taught herself how to play and sing the song KANTOI very well. She now plays the ukulele well and has learnt other songs, all (I’m proud to say) self-taught and with thanks to Zee Avi and the inspiration!! I hope to start a UKULELE MOVEMENT here in Malaysia and look forward to catching Zee at her concert and it’ll be my daughter’s great privilege to meet her in person so she can autograph her ukulele!!

  • Nurul Fatihah

    My KANTOI moment happened when I was about 7 years old. It was a fasting month when just learning to fast for the whole day. My mom was so strict about this and I was so scared of her, to let her know that I could not fast for the whole day. So, my playful mind thought of something. On the first day, sweets missing from fridge. Second day, a pack of biscuits. Then bread, chocolate, titbits and others. I was very sure she did not realized all that was missing from the kitchen. I got carried away. The next day, I took a mango and a knife. Later the day, I saw her looking for something and she was asking my brother whether he saw yellow knife or not. I was innocently interrupted and said to her, ‘I saw the knife under the bed’, never realized it was me who put it there. She found the knife and surprisingly also half-eaten mango. At that moment, she knew already it was me who stole foods from the kitchen. After that, I was not allowed in the kitchen for a month. And now, I’m laughing to think of my KANTOI moment. By the way, ‘Mommy, I am sorry’. (^-^)v

  • Farida

    Time kecik-kecik dulu , saya suka makan . Abang saya pun suka lah makan . Masih ingat lagi di fikiran pasal kenangan ni . Time tu bulan puasa . Alah, biasa la budak-budak kan . Abang cakap , hari tak payah puasa . Saya pun duk bertanya kenapa , tapi dia tak nak jawap . Time tu perut memang dah buat jamming dah dalam tu. Saya apa lagi , pegi la duk depan peti ais tgk apa yang bole di lantak . Oh , time tu abg pun ada jugak duk depan peti ais. HAHA . Pastu , tak silap ktorg makan agar-agar kot yang mama buat untuk berbuka time bulan puasa tu . Takde lah kenyang sangat but so-so lah kan . Time ktorg makan tu, tak KANTOI lagi. Rilex dulu, tak habis cite . Dah dekat waktu berbuka , macam biasa , saya akan mandi dulu sebelum makan . Dalam toilet , dah rasa cam tak sedap hati . Tup tap , dgr mama duk bising-bising kat bawah. ALAMAKKKK!! Time tu mmg kecut perut wa ckp sama lu . HAHA . Rasa macam tak nak keluar toilet pun ada . Dalam hati , mungkin mama tgk agar-agar tu takde . Mengamuk mama satu rumah . Time ni baru lah KANTOI . Sebab , time ktorg melantak , daddy yang nampak ! HAHA . Mungkin daddy tak sampai hati nak marah kot , tu pasal daddy senyap je . (Bende ni dicerita balik oleh daddy. HEHE) Ala, tapi same jugak . Daddy still report kat mama. HAHA . Jadi masa berbuka tu , sempat lagi abang saya gi pasar , bli kuih muih untuk berbuka . Tp moral of the story , adik-adik jangan la dengar cakap abang . Kadang-kadang bende baik tu dengar lah . Tapi kalau sampai nak ponteng puasa tu . Berfikir-fikir lah dahulu yee . HEHE . Sekian nukilan saya . Cepat-cepat pilih saya . Saya peminat Zee Avi , tapi tak banyak macam my brother . HAHA . He asked me to submit this entry cos he really want to see her . KANTOI BROOOO!! HAHAHAHAA

  • Yong Jing Michael

    ok, this happened when i was in primaryOne. i’m a kind of student who is naughty and kind at the same time. kind, because i treat my poor friend eat during recess and naughty, because it doesn’t seemed naughty to me at that particular time.
    this ‘kantoi’ stuff started when we have the evil thought. for me, i hated a teacher once and i don’t know what need to do. as this hate is conquering me, i have no other choice but to express it, not hurting the teacher of course.
    my classmate, who sit beside me always being bullied by my gang last time. [primaryOne already had a gang huh !] so, there’s a day, i forced him to write a sentence on his book, “teacher eat shit !” [translated in mandarin]. i feel good about it. [primaryOne student’s desire is lower a bit but still evil !]
    my gang laugh over him and the teacher as well. i feel better on it !
    but things doesn’t end well. as that particular period is the teacher that i hate’s period.
    suddenly, at the back, she grabbed the book that my classmate is writing on. arghhh ! KANTOIIIIIIIII !!! the next thing is punishment which is quite embarrassing that i dare not to tell here! hahaz…

    airasia !
    u’re not only let everyone can fly or fly further as i commented before but now i can see your growing effort !
    all the best !

  • Nasuha

    when i was in primary school, in standard 2 if i’m not mistaken, in class, my english teacher asked me how to spell sunflower, actually, i cannot read at that time, but i said to my teacher that, give me a moment to think the answer. i was thinking and thinking, until i do not realized that, english class ended. i was thinking and in the same time i was sleeping too. haha. my friends laughed at me caused teacher said “i will tell ur mom,,?” i was like, i hate english class…! MADAM NODI, u have poisoned me.. LOL..

    KANTOI-ness when she caught me that i was fallen asleep while thinking the answer: S-U-N-F-L-O-W-E-R..

    morale of the sory: if teacher do ask u, just answer, no matter it is wrong or right. :)

  • Mardiah Hayati

    Teringat masa zaman sekolah agama. Umur 11 tahun. Pergi sekolah agama naik basikal. Masa tu mak bapak tak risau anak-anak pergi sekolah sendiri, tak macam sekarang dengan meningkatnya kes rogol kanak-kanak etc. Aku satu geng dengan 2 rakan yang tua setahun dari aku. Seorang rakan (A) naik basikal sama-sama pergi sekolah agama dengan aku sebab rumah dia dekat. Seorang lagi (B), mak dia hantar dan ambil naik kereta.

    Satu hari, kami bertiga sampai awal dan lepak di gerai jual jajan luar sekolah. (belum masuk pintu pagar sekolah). Bila loceng dah bunyi, kami bertiga rancang nak ponteng sekolah untuk pertama kali seumur hidup kami bertiga. So, bila budak lain berlari berkejaran nak masuk kelas, kami berkejaran menyusup celah-celah bangunan rumah orang untuk mengelakkan rakan sekelas nampak.

    Baju memang dah basah dengan peluh berdebar bercampur baur, tatkala menyorok, tak ku ketahui, baju putih sekolah ku telah kotor dek terkena cat kapur kaler coklat di dinding bangunan. Waduh. Banyak pulak tuh.

    Bila dah line clear, kami bertiga berseronok berjalan-jalan di kawasan yang bukan kawasan perumahan masing-masing. Zaman tu tiada cyber café, kelab ke atau tempat-tempat yang mengkhayalkan macam sekarang. Hanya lepak dan pusing-pusing naik basikal dengan seronoknya sebab dapat ponteng sekolah agama untuk pertama kali. Haha.

    Walau bagaimanapun, saat indah hanya sementara. Kami bertiga pandai merancang untuk ponteng tetapi tidak fikir pula akibatnya. Memandangkan, mak B akan mengambil B dari sekolah, maka kami pulang ke pangkal jalan (konon..) dan menghantar B pulang ke sekolah Agama dahulu bila waktu sekolah agama telah tamat sebelum pulang ke rumah masing-masing. Apabila tiba di rumah aku, mak aku dah pelik dah bila baju aku kotor lain macam. Tak sampai setengah jam di rumah, A telefon rumah aku.(zaman tu tiada handphone ya). A kata B KANTOI. Bila B nak masuk kereta dia di hadapan sekolah, Ustazah kelas kami nampak dia dan terus tanya kat dia kenapa tak masuk kelas tadi, DEPAN MAK DIA. Mak B sangat berang dan tanya B ponteng dengan siapa dan pergi mana. B dengan rasa bersalah terpaksa memberitahu partner in crime dia iaitu A dan aku.

    Aku gelabah. Lagi gelabah bila A beritahu, mak B akan beritahu mak bapak masing-masing. Mak B mahu kami kantoi secara berkumpulan rupanya. Oleh itu, aku beritahu pada A yang sebelum Mak B beritahu dekat mak ayah aku, baik aku terus terang kat mak ayah aku sendiri.

    Oleh itu, selepas solat Maghrib, sedang ayah dan ibu menonton tv, tiba-tiba aku duduk bersila di hadapan mereka. Mereka kaget. Aku dengan suara yang sangat bersalah menerangkan segala yang telah berlaku pada siang hari. Ayah senyum simpul. Mak aku kata, “patutlah baju kotor lain macam..”.

    Mereka marah tapi dengan nada yang boleh diterima oleh budak 11 tahun. Tiada sebarang penderaan. Cuma kata-kata yang menusuk hati sehingga kini. “ Mak dan ayah dah tahu dah, tapi nak dengar dari mulut adik sendiri sebab mak dan ayah akan lagi marah dan sedih kalau adik bohong dan reka cerita. Sedih sebab mak dan ayah akan rasa seperti gagal mendidik adik.“

    Pergh,bercucuran air mata. Maaf dipinta dan telah diterima. Sejak dari peristiwa itu, aku memang jadi budak baik dan tidak ponteng sekolah. Rakan-rakanku pun juga begitu. Aku rasa, kalau lah mak ayah aku marah aku sehingga mendera secara fizikal dan mental, pasti aku lebih agresif dan melawan (rebel) dan silap-silap pelbagai perkara negatif akan aku lakukan selepas kejadian kantoi ponteng itu.

    Mak dan ayah percaya kepada pemberian peluang untuk kali kedua,“second chance”. Terima kasih sangat-sangat mak dan ayah.

    Peristiwa kantoi ku bersama-sama rakan yang tidak dapat dilupakan….yang akan sentiasa menjadi pengalaman dan pengajaran di dalam kehidupanku.

  • Shukri

    True story this one. This actually happened when I took my ‘virgin’ (no pun intended) flight with AirAsia. It was a flight from Kuala Terengganu back to Kuala Lumpur.

    Me, my ex-girlfriend (then still my girlfriend) and my friends were on vacation during our college semester break. So we decided to go to Perhentian Island. We took the bus there but we decided to fly back to KL because we didn’t want to spend much time travelling on the road especially after a long vacation like that. So we booked our maiden flight with AirAsia.

    After the long relaxing island vacation, we headed over to Kuala Terengganu’s Sultan Mahmud Airport where we boarded our first ever flight with AirAsia. I have to say, we were impressed at the quality of flight attendants as my friend had aptly put it. Not bad for a ‘cheap’ airline (now that we know better, we now refer to AirAsia as a ‘low cost carrier’) Ahahaha!

    So anyways, during the safety briefing, one of the flight attendants caught my eye and I had decided to do a little flirting later on. Later during the flight, they started serving the drinks and snacks. Now who could it be serving them? The pretty young thing who had caught my attention earlier. Yes, I used the word serving because little did I know that on AirAsia flights, food and beverages were NOT FREE! You had to PURCHASE your food and drinks. Not like the ‘THE OTHER’ airline where you got them for FREE…


    So, do you see where I’m going with this yet?

    Now, the flight attendant asked us what would we like to have, and we all happily started giving her our orders. At the end of it all, I tried to be cheeky and said:

    “Berapa semua Miss? Kira sekali boleh?”

    and we all started sniggering amongst ourselves. She flashed her sweet dimply smile at me for my genius remark and proceeded to pull out a calculator and started calculating away. We thought it was a joke and we all started laughing!

    That was until she looked at me with that sweet dimply smile which by then had changed into a sinister smile and shoved the calculator in my face.

    “Semua sekali RM18. Encik bayar sekali untuk semua orang kan?”

    By then my friends were all laughing at me and ‘kecoh’ the whole plane because they started chanting “SHUQ BELANJA! SHUQ BELANJA! SHUQ BELANJA!” and so I sheepishly took out my wallet and belanja’ed everyone and began to sink into my seat.

    My then girlfriend looked over at me and said…


    padan muka!

  • Clara Cherrie

    it was when my boyfriend and i started dating and my parents knew about us. they didnt mind a bit but was uncomfortable of him coming over at night as they thought it would be unappropriate as we were in our early stages of our relationship. this lead to him sneaking in to my house at night to watch movies at the tv room after the parents had dozed off or myself sneaking out of house to go out with him.

    one particular night, he sneaked in and this time, we decided to watch a movie in my room instead at the tv room. the movie was a bit too boring for my liking so we end up making out that it started to rain heavily. so heavily that we were too engrossed of making out that suddenly we realised that my mum was watching us and God knows how long it took us to notice it!

    turns out she went out to the balcony to take the clothes in from getting wet and she asked me to lower down the volume of the telly. curious that i didnt respond, she peeped through my window and saw everything! and if youre wondering whether my room has curtains, yes, but i let the windows open and thanks to the heavy rain, the strong wind blew the curtains and made it to move/flow swiftly (whatever the word is). oh! and the brightness of the telly also contributed for her viewing.

    in that instance, we went, ‘oh my God! kantoi!’. she asked us to stop whatever we were doing. we went downstairs to the living room where she was giving us a long lecture about sex and relationship. sure its normal for any parent to give a lecture on that but together with my boyfriend beside me? that is by far the most kantoi moment of my life whats with my mum watching my boyfriend and i making out to second base. even after 5 and a half years it happened, the embarrassment is still fresh in our memories!