I was working that day. Lots of work. I tried to make myself free to check my Facebook accounts. A notification appeared on top of my screen. I clicked on it to checked it out. From Phobia the comments was. He commented on my wall post”Lets go to Shanghai for Wall Lord 2010 Asia Graffiti Competition! I looked at Air Asia reservation said around rm800 plus plus return. The competition will be held on 29th August 2010″ I’m kinda shocked. Never in my mind im going this far by a plane. For me flying are only for the riches. But price that Phobia said was so cheap. I thought that I can afford it. So, I went to Air Asia web. I looked for Shanghai departs on 27th August 2010 and return on 30th August 2010 the price are Rm1500! Too expensive for me. Then, I checked depart on 26th August 2010. It was cheaper than before. But, still no. I just let it go and told Phobia that I’m out.

The day after, I got to go to Bukit Aman for a meeting. I went there with my on car. So after i settled the meeting I’m off to Bangi to meet my Girlfriend studying there and break-fast with her at Alamnada. We had Kenny Roger’s for break-fast.After that, I sent Her back to her hostel’s. Then iI went to Pandan Jaya to meet my Best friend Sira. he works in KL. I made a decision to stayed at his house and early in the morning after ‘Sahur'(early breakfast for Muslim in Ramadhan). Before gone to sleeps we had a talk. I told Him about Offers from Nazri. He get over excited about the plans. He suggested to departed on 26th because it was a lot cheaper. Then, I tried to do some budgets. So, it was YES!
I told Him i want to go home now. To booked the tickets because i have internet at my house.
Packed up my thing and off to Bidor back.

At 4AM i reached Bidor. All of my housemate has slept. I opened my desktop. Once the internet connection were ready I browsed for AirAsia.COM. Before that i checked my accounts in Maybank if it enough for me to debit or not. Yeah! It was enough to booked for two of us.It was booked! departed on 26th August 2010 1720. I SMSed to Nazri that I’ve already reserved the tickets for Shanghai. Then he said him,Bone and Katun going to booked after this.

Day by day had gone. I felt time goes so slowly. Can’t wait to hoped on the plane.

24th August 2010
(2days before departed)

I forgot to asked Phobia about their ticket had booked or not yet booked. I looked at Phobia’s Facebook account. A status of him said “Why so much thing get into ways..so unlucky us” I just commented and asked “why man?” No reply after that. So i just do my things back.

25th August 2010
(A day before departed)

I’m a bit late that day to office. My boss is a really cool person. He just asked why I’m late and I’m just said that I’m overslept and all settled. I log on my Facebook account’s. As usual i checked all my notification and came to Phobia’s replied comment. He said “We are canceling our flight to Shanghai. We have just noticed that we got to have a Visa to enter China.” If them don’t have Visa’s. Me and Sira also don’t have any visa’s. I’m totally shocked! Canceling flight may lost our money on reserved ticket. My head gone dizzy. Felt like I’m going to puke. After I’ve got control of myself I replied him back. I told him that I’m going to be there to night before 10PM. Just wait and we were going to had our meetings. From bidor I pushed my car to its limits to KL after work. I arrived there around 9PM. I fetched Sira first at Pandan Jaya. Then Of to Jalan Imbi where Phobia’s District Shop and Gallery situated. We both arrived there sharped as planed.

Greeted by Katun and Bone. Phobia were in the store. I called for him. The we sat in front of his store and stated to discussed. Phobia’s said there still a solution. It’s get Visa from China Embassy tomorrow and going to cost us Rm300. Oh man! that’s a lot of money for us. Something else I feared were was it the visa’s going to ready before me and Sira to checked in at LCCT? We sat down a while. After some thoughts, we made a decision. We would gave our try. We planed to met at Phobia’s store at 9AM day after.

26th August 2010
(Departed day)

Sharped at 9Am me and Sira were at in front of Phobia’s store. With our Back Pack. I brought some Instant Noodle. But, all of them still slept in the store. We woke them up and help them get ready. At 9.15Am all were ready to China Embassy for the visa’s. We arrived there at Jalan Ampang where the China Embassy for Visa’s situated on 9.30. We raced climbed the stairs. No lift. After we completed our form with our passport. We went to a counter and submitted our form. I asked the counter when my visa’s going to be ready? He said 2PM. I’m asked him can it be more sooner? he said no. I can say that counter guy just not nice but not bad. Maybe he just doing his work. Ready at 2.00? Just about 3hours before departing time. That time I felt so scared. I don’t know whether we would reached there in time or not. Katun, Bone and Phobia flight were on the next day. So they were not too scared. But the give us encouragement that we will arrived there in time. A bit helped there. At 10.15AM we were back at Phobia’s store. Me and Sira take a ride to Mid Valley to changed money to Chinese Yuan Renminbi. After settled there. We rushed to KL Sentral to asked about how to get to LCCT fast. We found ERL. But that time I still doubt about getting there in time. Before the Check In time closed. 1.30PM we were back to Phobia’s store. Again they were still asleep. I waked them up ‘Again’! After all ready at 150 we were arrived at the embassy again. We climbed the stair hopefuled. We get to the counter. Yes! Our Visa’s were ready!

We climbed back down. Raced with the times. After farewell Katun,Phobia and Bone we took the Putra LRT AMPANG PARK(the station just in front off the embassy) to KL Sentral. We rushed down the escalator and bought the tickets from the machines. We ran to the waiting area for then train. 1 minute later a trains arrived. Thanked god. We took on the trains. Arrived at Kl Sentral. We ran to the ERL Station with our big bags on our back. Bought the tickets to Salak Tinggi. We were informed by the ticket master at the counter that there going to be a Shuttle waiting to LCCT. Time ran out. We arrived at Salak Tinggi Station at 3.30PM while we both had to check in before 3.50AM that is an hour and half before departing. Sira asked the bus driver whether we going to arrived to in time or not. The bus driver confidently said “Don’t Worry. Just hop on!”

Im relieved. 4.10PM we arrived at LCCT. First time we’ve been there. But the LCCT Airport management were so good. The signboard really helped us. We checked in at the counters. And the personnel gave us the tickets. Finally we were departed! We break-fast with Nasi Bukhara by Air Asia X. After 5hours of flight we arrived at Hangzhou Airport China. We slept at the airport waiting for Phobia and other that arrived the next day afternoon.


Many thing to tell you all our stories after we arrived there. Many more beautiful memories. It all about our experience. Met our graffiti idols from Germany, United State, Japan, Korea and UK. Talked lively to introduced our self in front of Chinese on the Euro Stage at Shanghai World Expo 2010. Visited the World Expo 2010 with VIP passes thanks to Germany and China Hip Hop Project. We also get to see Malaysia Pavilion. Before this we only could see it on TV and papers. The most best memories are how we made friends with graffiti writer from other Asian countries. Even we’re not won this competition, we made friends in a sweet memories. The bond between each other holds till today. We still contact thru Facebook. Because of Air Asia X Low Cost Airlines we are now planing to give a visit to our Graffiti Writer around Asia. We now knew that everyone can fly by Air Asia even a Kampung Boy like me:)
Thanks Air Asia for giving such a great memories..

Me sleeping at Hangzhou Airport