Thank you to AK blog team that creating rooms to all aspiring pilots to express their thoughts and feelings through blogging competition “So You wanna be a Pilot”. The response was great and eventually keeps all of our spirits high towards pursuing our dream to be a pilot.
The stories start from the day when blog team announces about the blog writing competition in early march 2009. It makes me happy but worry after knowing about the blog competition. Happy because I found another possible way to pursue my dream while worry because blogging wasn’t my favorite past time and i didn’t write any blog in my life before this. Well… since there is a chance, I got to find ways to get it done. I asked around my fellow friends to get some ideas to start writing blog for this occasion. All I got is big laugh from friends when asking them to teach me how to get it start. Therefore, without thinking further, I started my blog writing about myself and some thoughts of mine towards my dream. It’s took me a while to get the first blog post done… Subsequently, I posted 4 more blog post right before the competition starting day. From the first day of the competition, my eyes keep the aiming at your blog homepage every hour to get updates about the shortlisted blog post. Well… Finally i was the twelve shortlisted candidates… Hooo… What’s big good news to me? I was away from KL at that moment and eventually the good news was posted by a good friend of mine. What a good day…
Subsequently, I keep updating on upcoming shortlisted candidates blog post which cheering me the most. Each and every one of us have share same dream but from different back ground. Individually have their own reasons of being a pilot. It’s further brought my burning desire up to higher level.
I start to prepare for the upcoming assessment test once informed about the first stage assessment date. For me, SPM syllabus became something rare as its standard was slightly different from my time. Haha… My time was conducted in Bahasa Malayu… So, i start to shop for new reference books and try some of the example papers to get familiarize with it.


It finally come to the day for the test been waited for long. A fresh morning where sees many smiling faces around the waiting hall. We was given the opportunity to the simulator room to feel it during the senior training session. Wow… its amaze me a lot. Kind of heard about how real is it but never thoughts it is that REAL… Cool… Then it comes to start with our written test.
The stories never end here… Once I done with my written test, i was breathing outside the waiting hall with few more guys from CAE. I start talking about my occasion there and my current job- Hydraulics. It’s somehow related to the automation of simulator… After that, I was brought to the simulator room again… Haha… What a good lucky day… Finally, i was given a chance to hands on the A320 simulator with guidance. It really fills up my desire and really given lots inspiration to work even hard to pursue my dream.


The second stage interview made me waited for 5 weeks making it realistic. During the waiting period, it was most frequent period I checking my mail in my life… 10 times a day and 5 tablets per serving. Haha.. Worst than taking medicine. YES! The moment I received the mail from airasia about my successful for first stage written test, indescribable happiness was obviously seen on my face throughout the day. Well, I’m really happy that been moving a step nearer to what I wanna be. My family, friends was sharing my happiness which giving me much more motivation towards pursuing my dream.
For the second stage psychomotor test, I was fully concentrating in getting it alright. It was smooth throughout the whole test and hopefully the next call will be coming to me very soon.
After all, the whole journey starting from blog competition to the second stage psychomotor test was very exciting and its makes me gain a lots. I met many new friends which sharing the same dream with me, learn many new stuff about flying, given opportunity to feel the control column of A320 simulator and also training me being patient and cool towards challenge. I’m sure that there is much more upcoming challenging task to be overcome. I would see the changes of my life soon… Cheers to all aspiring pilots and THRUST ME, never give up your dream and the call of miracle will comes to you if you really believe in it. DARE TO DREAM… GOOD LUCK!



  1. I wanna be a flight attendant. But I’m still working on my degree. I wonder if I can work and study at the same time.

  2. Yee Reply

    Hi Jess,

    Thank you.

    Hi Prasan,
    It is worth to scarify for better future especially our passion. Keep it up.. cheer

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