It was a dream comes true! We really love music and travelling then having this opportunity to win an awesome trip to experience both music and travel was a wonderful bliss for us. 6 days 5 nights travelling to Japan and attending Summer Sonic Festival 2012, what? Pinch me, I must be dreaming! We went to Kuala Lumpur straight from Bandung to meet AirAsia staff then flew to Haneda-Japan straight from Kuala Lumpur at 14 Aug 2012. It was the beginning of our amazing trip.

Once we arrived in Haneda, we were worried that we would miss the last bus to town. But luckily, AirAsia flight to Japan was on time so we got the last bus to the hotel. The hotel that has been booked by AirAsia Go was Mitsui Garden Hotel in Kamata. The hotel was really nice and it was not so far from the airport, only took about 2 minutes to walk from the bus stop.

In the morning we managed ourselves to take a walk before the afternoon flight to Sapporo. We lost in translation and it was fun! Trying to learn about the stations and each trains with its destinations, wandering around in rush hours, spotting places to visit there after we back from Sapporo. After having a walk we went to Narita Airport. Our tickets have been checked-in by AirAsia Japan staff (Thank you!) so we just dropped our baggage and comfortably flew to Sapporo.

I thought it was summer, but the temperature in Hokkaido was so cold! It rained a little when we reached the Sapporo Station. We (again) worried that we couldn’t reach the hotel by walk from the station. It turned out only a couple blocks from the station. By about 5 minutes walk we arrived at Grand Sapporo Hotel, it was a really cozy place to stay. Then we had a really good night sleep to charge our energy for the next day plans!

At the next day, we have planned to go around the city. There were so many things to see there! We bought one-day-pass tickets for lines and buses at the station so we could went everywhere comfortably. First, we went to the park to see the TV Tower. Even with a little rain, the weather was fine to have a trip.

Then we went to the Clock Tower. This building is so beautiful. The tower was built in 1878, and was the drill hall of the former Sapporo Agricultural College (now Hokkaido University). The building was one of the earliest to be built in this city.

After that, we went to Shiroi Koibito Park which is a chocolate factory. The factory is located at Miyanosawa. The factory is so beautiful. I felt like Alice who was wandering around in a wonderland when I got there. They gave us a delightful chocolate cookie when we arrived there.

The chocolate factory was so much fun but we had to go to the next place which is placed across the town. We arrived at Sapporo Beer Museum about an hour from the chocolate factory. The building was very beautiful. Sapporo Beer is one of the oldest and most popular beers in Japan. It has been brewed in Sapporo since 1877.

After visiting the beer museum, we went back to the hotel to have a quick break. At night we attended a summer festival at Odori Park. It was so exciting! We even tried to dance with the citizen.

We were having so much fun in Sapporo, but we needed to go back to Tokyo in the next morning. Once we arrived in Tokyo we checked in the APA Hotel in Ningyocho. It was located in the middle between the downtown and Chiba, Summer Sonic Festival location. After we put our baggage, we went to the Imperial Palace and unfortunately it was closed because it was Friday. But that means we had so much free time to shop at Ginza. We went shopping like crazy; we even didn’t notice it was night already!

So we went back to the hotel and had a nice comfortable break. Because we had to make ourselves ready for SUMMER SONIC FESTIVAL 2012 on Saturday and Sunday!
The shows at Summer Sonic Festival 2012 were really epic! It was the best festival we had attended so far. We watched many artists such as Rihanna, jamiroquai, Franz Ferdinand, Green day, Sigur Ros, New Order etc. We really enjoyed the show. 2 days felt like pass so fast when we were there, but trip must go on. At the last day, we have planned to take a walk around the city before the night flight. First we went to the Tokyo Tower. We were glad to be there and took pictures at the icon of Tokyo.

After that we went to Meiji-Jingu Temple near Shibuya. This place is so beautiful. It is so relaxing though it is located in the middle of the city. We even wrote down our prayers in this temple.

And then we went straight to Harajuku! It was the heaven for young people. We wanted to see cosplay people but unfortunately it was not Sunday. So there were only a few people dressed up like one.

After done shopping in Harajuku we went to Shibuya. Finally we came to the most iconic place for young people to hangout! We also went shopping here.

Again we didn’t realize it almost night time. Then we were rushing go back to the hotel, took our baggage and went to the nearest Tokyo City Air Terminal. Finally, we left Japan with nothing but awesome memories. We really hope we could go back there again someday. We really thank AirAsia for giving us this opportunity to make our wonderful dream came true! Also huge thanks to AirAsia X for our flight tickets to Japan, BIG CARD and again AirAsia Japan and AirAsia Go for the amazing accomodation.

A glimpse of Tokyo and Sapporo