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30 September 2010

It’s Sawadeeka In Thailand (Part 2)

By Josephine

I promised in my earlier post that there would be a FEW photos of the Grand Palace but unfortunately, there is a maximum number of photos allowed per post, and I’ve lot’s more to post up. So here’s just a sneak peak should you decide to one day visit the Grand Palace yourself~! :)

So far so good.. Yay Bangkok!!

We rode on a “tuk-tuk” after our visit to the Grand Palace to a few different temples and museums around Bangkok. A “tuk-tuk” is like a three-wheeled scooter taxi.. I can honestly say that riding a “tuk-tuk” is the absolute cheapest private ride I’ve ever taken! Not to mention the most fun! The “tuk-tuk” driver took us to FOUR different tourist spots which weren’t that near to one another for only 40 THB!! That’s RM4!! Divided by the four of us, that was RM1 each!! *FAINT!!*

Among all the places the “tuk-tuk” driver took (no pun intended) us to, I found the museum (I forgot the name) the most beautiful! The interior was absolutely amazing!! The ceiling murals, the decor.. EVERYTHING! It was like being in an Asian Rome~! Too bad no photography was allowed within the walls.. Only outside photography was allowed.. What a waste..

We had to hurry back to our hostel later because we had a show to catch.. What show you ask? A Cabaret of course~! The one we went to was Calypso Cabaret where they delivered a truly amazing and entertaining 2-hour performance! That truly was a great way to end our day..

More to come soon..