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08 September 2010

It’s Sawadeeka In Thailand (Part 1)

By Josephine

Thanks to Air Asia’s ZERO ticket fares, I finally had the chance to visit out beloved country’s neighbour up north, Thailand! Just thinking of spending my pre-Independence Day holidays in Bangkok was giving me happy goosebumps~!

Everyone around me was telling me a whole bunch of blah blah’s that ended with “..kaboom!” But hey, if Air Asia trusts BKK enough to still have daily flights there despite their internal problems, then I was sure everything would be okay~! Oh course, I did pray hard just in case.. *grins*

My friends; Jason, Albert, Yean Wei, and I boarded AK 750 from KUL to BKK on the 27th of August at 6.45PM local time. Throughout the whole flight, the three of them couldn’t stop talking about how excited they were~ As for me, since I was sitting alone being the 4th passenger, I sat back, relaxed and enjoyed my flight to BKK. Thank goodness my auto-assigned seat was by the window because halfway through our journey, this is what I saw…

Absolutely breathtaking, isn’t it? Sunset in the sky.. Wow..

We landed in BKK ahead of schedule and as usual, the landing was smooth and commendable — as is with all Air Asia flight I’ve taken (and believe me, I’ve taken A LOT! I dare say that’s one reasons why I love flying with Air Asia~!)..

Upon landing, we took a cab to HQ Hostel in Silom where we stayed for the next couple of days.. The hostel was as their website had shown.. Modern, Comfortable, Cheap and most importantly… CLEAN! The desk staff were really friendly and they being able to converse in considerably good English was definitely a plus point! Here’s a picture of Yean Wei and I at HQ Hostel ^^..

The first place we headed to (officially) in Bangkok was to Patpong Night Market for FOOD!!! It was a pretty depressing walk though because it was raining out.. Patpong was somewhat a culture shock to us, I have to say! It truly is the Amsterdam of Asia! LOL! After dodging persistent aunties and uncles trying to drag us into their little taverns of “joy”, we finally found FOOOOOOD~~~!

We later headed back to our hostel with a little local delicacy we bought at the market.. Can you guess what it was? Yup.. fried gra**hopper!! (Air Asia’s blog wouldn’t let me spell out the a** in gra**hopper lols!)

As surprising as this may be, it was actually pretty good! Though it looked really gross, it tasted like.. keropok lekor with more crunch! *Grins*

The next day, we woke up really really early in the morning to head out to Talingchan Floating Market.. And seriously, we woke up too early! It wasn’t even operational yet when we arrived.. So we decided to take a boat “tour”.. I air quoted because it was no where close to a tour though that was what we had paid for. It was more like a really expensive boat ride to another marketplace which was not afloat..

I have to admit though, it wasn’t as bad because the food at that market place was pretty good~! We really had a feast but we weren’t really done with our food yet when the boat man told us our time was up.. *Sweat*

Our next destination was the Palace~! Words can’t begin to describe how beautiful it was — The intricate details of the sculptures and drawings.. Beautiful! A picture paints a thousand words.. So the next few thousand words will be in my upcoming post..

Stay tuned ^^

  • Maria

    I’ve not been to Thailand because of all the negative things I’ve been told but after reading this blog I can’t wait to experience it all. 4 of us (all sisters) are in the midst of making arrangement and we are definitely doing it thru AirAsia~!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  • Vivek

    thanks for kolkata – bangkok – bangkok ticket it is amegeing