At the moment I wrote this, I’m at St James’s Park, London. Waiting for the Changing Guard Ceremony at the Buckingham Palace. I don’t know how the expressed myself. I don’t know how to thank to AirAsia that make my wish come true. I never thought that one day, ONE fine day, that I’ll be in London. Oh dear … is a wonderful feeling.

I, together with my husband, flew from LCCT to Stansted, London on 19th March, 2009 at 4.20 pm (local time). My heart pounding as this is the first time we will be going to London. Our dream destination. All the way to London, not to mentioned its 14 hours long journey….we had a pleasant journey. We talk, we ate, and we watch movies from the E-player. The E-player helps a lottt. Then, the Captain announced, we will land in Stansted in a few minutes. Once the captain says ” we already safely landed in Stansted, London” Oh My God.Oh My God. I’m in London! I’m in London. I asked my husband to pinch me a bit. Just to make sure that I’m not dreaming, and I’m NOT.

We passed the immigration without any hassles. It just go smoothly and nice. The officer, Alan, is so nice and warm. He asked 5 question :-

1) is it your first time in London ?
2) how long you’ll be in London?
3) after that what u do ?
4) can i see your return ticket?
5) where will you stay in London?

There. it’s done. no worries okay. once we get out from the airport to catch our bus to central London, we freezed. Its so cold. Then by Easybus, we off to Victoria Station.

In London, we walk..walk…walk..and walk again.I think that is the best way to feel like London people. Oh, not to mentioned how sufficient the underground tube and the buses. I did not faced any trouble while in London. The people are so warm. Just asked them how and where to go, and they will explain and show the easiest way. We went to see the changing guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace, the Big Ben, Tower Bridge, ride the spectacular London Eye, went to Stanford Bridge – Chelsea Stadium, to Camden Town-just to experience the 4 flea markets. Hey…you can get what ever you want in Camden and its cheap too.

Stanford bridge – Chelsea Stadium

For those who crawling for branded item, must not to forget the Oxford Street. It will make your feet screwed up! Trust me. With Selfridges, Primark, Clarkes, Gap and many more. Just prepared your loaded pocket and your credit card as well.

For Muslims, a lot of halal foods in London. There’s one at King Cross/St Pancras Station, Leicester Square, Bayswater and others. The food is huge!

Today, is my last day in London. Its quite sad as i have to leave tomorrow morning. I have a lovely stay in London. I love the city. I love the weather. I love St. James’s Park.

To AirAsia, Thank You. Thank you so much for making my dreams do come true. Now, I believe, ” Everyone Can Fly”.



  1. Amirah Kausar Reply

    i must say, i envy u so much … i am dying to go there, really .. but gotta postpone it until 2010 due to some family issues … d pics are lovely, though i have seen those many, many times before, yet seeing it again is just like seeing it for d first time .. amazing isnt it ?? so, u were there for 1 month ??? dat is very long !!! and surely you explored every inch of london soil then .. and lastly, are you seated in the XXL seat or is it the normal ones ? and how does it feel, 14hrs flying with AA , how many meals throughout ? and did u manage to catch some sleep comfortably ??

  2. Shahrul Azman Reply

    Hi Kak Aziah,

    Seronok betul tengok gambar-gambar London betol kalau boleh pergi.

    By the way, Kak Aziah pergi sebab belajar atau business? Kalau leisure trip, Kak Aziah duduk hotel mana yer? Boleh tak suggest hotel yang elok tapi murah?

  3. Aziah Reply

    dear anonymous, been there for just one week(trust me, its not enough. i took the normal seat. well, quite small but the excited feelings took over the exhausted. you dont have to worry about the meal on board. u can ask them any meal at any time you want.

  4. Aziah Reply

    sharul, kak aziah pegi for holiday. trust me sharul, one day you akan pegi jugak. kak aziah pun tak sangka akan dpt jejak london. my target will be in 2012. but alhamdulillah….rezeki diizinkanNYA cepat. and not to forget million thanks to Airasia.

    Sharul, if u in central london, byk hotel or B&B yg murah and elok2. kak aziah stay kat Ivy House. there’s several hotel yg okay, such as comfort inn, ivy house, holy house, bakers hotel.

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