After many weeks of preparation and anticipation we are finally wrapping up the last hours of work before our holiday. It’s not just any holiday either. We’re bound to leave the beautiful Gold Coast for stunning Sri Lanka to participate in the inaugural LankaChallenge. This is our invitation to you to come with us along our journey, share our highs and hopefully infrequent lows and follow the small steps we’re taking to put this amazing country back on the tourism radar. If you haven’t already checked out our profile, and the other teams’, please do so on the LankaChallenge website.

In the past few weeks we have been putting the puzzle pieces together having dreamt about, spoken about and planned most things around our holiday, and we are now very close to departure! Thanks to AirAsia we can fly to Colombo with only one stopover and as we are both avid travellers we are taking full advantage and spending one night in KL en route, due to arrive in Sri Lanka early on Wednesday morning.

Our final weekend is dedicated to packing, re-packing and since we know ourselves really well, we’ll need to use each other as our conscience, particularly when it comes to shoes… are those really necessary? We’re already up/down to 4 pairs each (AT LEAST!) and since we fully expect to have the contents of both bags twisted, muddled and thrown around rooms, only to be repacked in the wrong place, it’s best to know exactly what each other has.

Once that’s done, we can breathe a sigh of relief knowing we are more than over prepared for departure. A quick brush up on our Sinhala skills en route (it is more complex than you think! Don’t be surprised reading something about how we thought we ordered fish but got snake instead) and a little more discussion on our start line attire for race day (who doesn’t like a bit of a dress up) and we are set!

Settle in with a good cup of coffee because this is one adventure you are not going to want to miss! We look forward to receiving your comments along the way.

Until next time…

AirAsia Gypsy Queens – over and out.