Hello Air Asia blog team and everyone,

As you all know, I applied the cadet pilot through the “So you wanna be a pilot” contest. I am one of the lucky 35 who was shortlisted to go through the selection stages of the cadet pilot programme. With full confidence and faith, I passed the 1st stage written tests, 2nd stage aptitude test and was finally called up for the final interview on October. During my interview session, I was told that I did not do well for the short test prior to the interview, in other words I failed the test. Like anyone would, I was shocked and got carried away, I did not know what went wrong. I honestly tried but there was nothing else I could do to convince the interviewers to take me as part of their cadet pilot. Maybe I did not prepare well enough, but I have tried my best.

On the day of the announcement of the results, I did not see my name on the list… I am unsuccessful. It was heartbreaking and painful to accept… a part of me died knowing I did not make it to the top 10. The only thing in the world that I would want to do was to find inspiration, just to keep my spirits up…
And then I remembered my post for the blog, you still kept it Air Asia. I read it again… Somehow, in every aspect it told me not give up in pursuing my ambition.

Although I have failed but in every defeat there is a hidden success. I have learned a lot of things from this experience, I came to know that there are many candidates who failed the interview stages several times but are still persevering and vying for this opportunity again.

I recalled even the littlest things during the final minutes of my interview, when one of the interviewers told me to never give up my dream, eventhough the news is devastating… he said, “Just so you know, I’ve completed my SPM in 1990 and it took me 13 years to finally be a cadet pilot. Don’t ever give up your dream no matter what, work harder next time and soon enough we will be flying together.” The words from a pilot that will stick in my heart for life. This failure is not the end of the road yet, it does not mean I have given up, not yet.

Air Asia, you once told me not to give up no matter what. You’ve strengthen my determination and my passion even more and made me realize how much this dream means to me. I will get back up and fight for something that I want to do for the rest of my life. So, I have applied to be part of your cadet pilot programme again and I will never stop applying until my age tells me to.

Well, this pilot dream would be switched off for the time being and I will concentrate on my normal routine. But I hope that a surprise would come around anytime soon!


  • Low

    We’ll go together next year to AWA k ^^

  • Kong Sun

    Count me in

  • Joey

    Edwin, I’m so sorry to heard about it. However no pain no gain. Keep towards to your dream, one day you’ll be proud of yourself because you have try your best.

  • Chee Ping

    Hey Edwin, I will not give up either, so let works hard and try again next year. Hope to see you in the next cadet pilot selection, GOOD LUCK!!

  • Edwin

    That’s good fighting spirit guys, let’s hope that AirAsia will call us for the selection stages once again. :)
    Don’t give up.

  • Adikk

    hey edwin,

    when one door closes, another will open.

    Being able to reach this far shows yr potential. Dont give up too soon~

  • Muhammad Syafiq

    dont giv up bro..
    i juz wanna ask u when u did the written test and aptitude test..
    can u tell me what is that??
    i hope u can share with me…

  • Chin

    Same here.

  • Chee Keong

    hey chin and syafiq..

    well, the written test was basically on math, physics, english and iq questions..

  • Amirthan

    Hey Edwin,well,i can see that you really tried your best..dont worry..just stay focussed and dont give up very fast..give your best shot in the next intake.
    Hope to join you the next intake.
    We shall chase our dreams together which is to be cadets in Air Asia.
    Lets work hard to achieve our ambitions !! Cheerz.
    Have a nice day.

  • Edwin

    Thanks to anonymous, adikk and the rest for your comments. :)

    Well Air Asia, I will be waiting patiently for the next cadet pilot intake. Surprise me!

  • Shyan

    hey..u are really lucky~i am also one of the candidate(shud be) but i dun even get the email to interview as promise..haiz..still waiting..duno wats going wrong…sigh