After reading the two hot air balloon post, I was wondering when will we get to see these in Malaysia. Hot air balloons are now in Malaysia! The Fiesta is held at Precinct 2, Putrajaya from March 19 to 22. I went from 745 to 815, where the Balloon area opened to photographers.

My favorite balloon is the clown face one, it was a clown but with a sad face at one side and smiley face on another side

Some pictures that I took this morning.

Welcome to World of Balloons!

Yeah! Your guess is right, that’s my ride 😛

My expression when wake up 6am this morning

Get some coffee for good day.

Yea!!! Friday!!! Weekend!!

Some tips when going to hot air balloon watching

1. Find out when are they inflating the balloon, watching lifeless fabric blown up as a magnificent balloon is amazing
2. Wear comfortable shoes
3. Park sensibly if you plan to chase the balloon
4. Apply sunblock

Balloon facts

*The hot air balloon made of what material? The colorful envelope is usually made of nylon or polyester, the same type of cloth that parachutes are made of.

*Flying hot air balloon needs commercial pilot’s license.

*Why the basket is made from wicker? The wicker basket has proven to be very strong for its weight and is flexible.


  • Selina

    Cool! I think I will go and check it out tomorrow and take some pictures too

  • Derek

    I think its a great sight. Caught a glimpse on the way to work on Friday. Great pics Riki! Way to make a first post!