I’m really impressed with AirAsia’s growth which now penetrates all the major cities in Asia. The inflight magazine; Travel 3Sixty makes a great reading material for guests.

Unfortunately we are advised not to take it home. Why not have an online edition? With an online edition, your current and potential guests will always have access to the latest info which will also be in the magazine. Furthermore, some features like monthly special events taking place in other countries is very useful to pre-plan our holiday. Also, your advertising can expand widely by going online. The biggest target achieved would be to discourage your guests from taking home the printed magazine from their seats as they can also access it online.

As for me, the articles on destinations is interesting as sometimes other media give out wrong information about that place.


  1. Ahsan,

    I was just about to post that! I loved the magazine a lot but unfortunately, we ‘can’t’ take it to home so as not to deprieve others of it.

    In fact, I only came across it on 22 Sept on my return flight from Langkawi. In my previous flight on 31 August, there was not a copy left. I was surprised to note that it started since June as I have not travelled for the past year and a half on AK.

    I can’t wait to get my ‘hands’ on the next issue as well as the past issues. So, AK, please have it online also.


  2. hey..same here..i love the magazine a lot..as i dun fly often..the only way i could read it is at the secret recipe nearby..i was wondering whether we could subscribe it?

  3. Thank you so much for the kind words for Travel 3Sixty – it makes all the late nights worth it.

    Unfortunately, we don’t offer it up for subscription and it’s not available online. There’s a host of issues facing taking a print publication online and we’re not ready to deal with them at this stage. (The magazine is only a 15 issues old – so it’s still incredibly young!)

    That said, your feedback is most encouraging and it’ll spur us on to produce better and even more exciting issues in the future.

    Ng Li Fern
    Editor, Travel 3Sixty

  4. Mohd Syahrur Azri Reply

    I have traveled with a few airlines and quite frankly only AirAsia practice strict “don’t take away the magazine” practice. Even Tiger Airways and Jetstar allow (and encourage) the passengers to bring the magazine home. Is there really an issue in replacing the magazines? Even with such a tight schedule, other airlines can do it, why not AirAsia. Remember, the magazine can be like a little promotion for AirAsia, even the nonflyers can read them and be interested with AirAsia. It is about building a powerful brand, to quote Mr Tony Fernandes.

    On the plus side, Travel 3Sixty is by far the most interesting inflight magazine I have ever read. Heads up to the editors and the contributors.

  5. Ahsan Imaduddin Reply

    I’m agree with Mohd Syahrur Azri comments.. If Ms. Ng consents of the printing cost..why not your party go online for Travel 3Sixty online edition… Just quoted your comments..”The magazine is only a 15 issues old – so it’s still incredibly young!)…” is not the issue if you could think ahead than other competitor, example Cebu Pacific Airlines can provide even it been corporates later than AirAsia.. Remember whats Dato’ Sri Tony’s favourite quote is “Believe The Unbelievable, Dream The Impossible, Don’t Take No For An Answer.”… I believe everything is possible

  6. I wanted to join the snapshot photo contest for travel3sixty mag but the email keeps bouncing back my email. has there been a change of email?

    please advise.

  7. Yups! Travel 3Sixty is cool.
    Once I attempted to take one home, but at last I did not take it as I forgot to put it into my bag 😀

  8. I like the magazine as well. Is there a mailing list of people who are interested in an online version (future)? I would like to join it.


  9. Ms Ng,
    Since I do travel alot particularly with AirAsia, I was wondering whether I am to contribute, unfortunately the email address seemed to be in a rejection mode. Would appreciate if the matter is solved as I believe the readers are eager to be exposed with more articles and info pertaining the places.

  10. hi, can i have the email to submit my photo for the contest in the mags…i lost it somehow….

  11. I’ve been flying with air asia since 2 years ago and recently when I was on board flight ak5122 from KL to KK and I think something strange happened! Just before flight take off, the co pilot invited one of the guest into the cockpit and took off with the guest inside! Is this allow in aviation?? I felt so strange and uneasy as I was wondering what’s going on in the cockpit? What if something terrible happen that the lady’s a terrorist or for whatsover reason interrupted with the flight and crashed? Please clarify.

  12. Coolllll…hehe such a cool magazine,i’ve ever read. It’s a cool guide to reccomend me where i should explore in the next trip..haha

    once,i’ve read this magazine during i fly to Indonesia,then i found out,something amazing in Singapore on that magazine. After trip in Indonesia,is Sinagapore trip of course.hehe n coming to Lao,Malaysia,Melbourne,wonderful trip with air aisia & travel3sixty magazine tour guide. My appriciate to get amazing alert via email; wownunui@hotmail.com

    Thank you very much for your kind support. *-*

    Best regards,
    Isara *-*

  13. Hi. What are the requirements for the photo to be submitted to travel3sixty?

  14. Is there any rule for the photo to join the contest? i.e. file size, pixel, etc.
    Pls inform me about that since the information is only in the magazine. Thank you

  15. Thank you for your interest in our photo competition.

    You can submit your photo to us by emailing it to travel3sixty@airasia.com

    Do remember to type ‘Picture Postcards’in the subject line, and include your name, address, phone number and a caption!

    Image specs: 300dpi, 1MB.

    Good luck! 🙂

    Beverly Rodrigues,
    Writer, Travel 3Sixty

  16. Just had my return to Kolkata on the 24.12.09 Before the 2010 takes off I would like to understand what exactly does Air Asia wants from their low cost travellers. The LCCI is a large compound, and on arrival, specially at KL timw 11.30 PM ,the walk to the exit was very tiring and could be avoided by providing with a tranfer facility from the aircraft to the terminus bldg. This I am sure is not very expesive proposation. Or do I understand that low-cost means this ,that and the other.

    I love the on flight magazine and I was told that by sending a photograph of my travel destination could bring attractive offers! Could you spell out what I could look forward in return to my relaxed stay in Maleka in photographs.
    Ashok Chanda Kolkata

  17. I also am a fan of the informative Travel 3Sixty magazine. I wanted to find out more information on Cherating and its Fireflies boatride. I just know Travel 3Sixty would have covered it by now and so I went online looking for back issues. To my surprise, no back issues on line. What a pity because it’s how I keep up with events of the Air Asia routes. I am planning my next trip now.

  18. Hey…when is Air Asia going to make it possible to do a single multi leg booking on-line? living in Bali almost always means you are going to go thru KL to another Air Asia destination. We frequent travellers need this service SOON!

  19. Ahmad Azamiruddin Reply

    I am very agree. Currently I’m planning to fly with AK, return AOR-KUL-KBR. I just checking the booking online, I have to book separately AOR-KUL return, and KUL-KBR return, manually. Why not just automatic? Select origin and destination, wooshh, the system will automatic find a flight for you, like others major airlines.

  20. i love flying with air asia. agree with all comments that travel3sixty is great guidence to help which my next destination will be.
    my last flight last May to Melb using AA X was so cozy. it was my first long haul flight and i didnt feel bore at all as many snacks and entertainment offered.
    I have some advice for AA, cud you AA inform all abt cancellation and delay in some catchy way, put some big notification in front of check in counter instead of sending new itinerary to current email; as not all flyers have access to email and international call during overseas holiday. i had that experience once get back fm Kul to Jkt as i hve waited for hours at the airport. i arrived Kul fm Mel at 7am and wud fly back to jkt at 4pm. once i did queue at 1pm, counter person told that my flight was cancelled, i was so tired and confused but AA team was offering quick and better option. love ya for that…

  21. I have just came back from London, and for the first time I have taken AA X. The experience is quite good & the seat is even more comfortable than some of the non-budget airline I have taken.

    I will like to submit some photo I have taken in my trip for the contest. But I will like to know if there is a limit of how many photos I can submit within an email? Lets say 5? 🙂


  22. Had a wonderful time traveling from Chennai,Kuala Lumpur,Krabi and back.Good meals,nice sleep and smiling service.However I had to book return tickets separately for Chennai, and Kuala Lumpur Krabi sector Kuala Lumpur sector.Could something be thought of for modifying the booking tabs to include may be one or two additional sectors at the same time since now Air Asia is a multinational carrier.
    Also I wish Air Asia well on it’s venture into Paris and hope South Africa would also be touched soon.Cheers

  23. i fly every 2 months with airasia, and i felt the same with you, it is the only entertainment that im not bother to do is reading this magazine. i hope airasia can provide writing material and a “box”, so that we can complete our travel story during fly and put in the box before we leave the plane.

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