As a regular customer of AirAsia I think AirAsia should come up with some privileges for students who fly with AirAsia. How about a student card for college or university students in Malaysia, as we need to travel back to our hometown when it comes to festive seasons and holidays. Unfortunately, the air ticket is always expensive during festive seasons. Hope that AirAsia will improve in this area. I see a lot of improvement when flying on board with AirAsia. Happy to fly with you all. Thank you for taking this into consideration!


  • Kok Hong

    True. A milage card will do fine. I hope we can accumulate points not just based on the miles a member has flown, maybe the price they’ve paid, or the amount of times they’ve used the LCCT-KL Sentral shuttle.

    Perhaps we can even exchange our points with the meals on board?

  • Mulyadir Fitri

    Yes, I support this suggestion. Air Asia should really look into this. I believe Air Asia did try offering some special prices for students some time ago right?

  • Soon Kok

    Nah, they won’t do it! cause students are one of the main frequent customer who make AirAsia FLY higher!! Imagine when the semester end and group of students “fly” here and there…$$$

    BUT honestly, 101% support the idea of having a student discount. Cause it is a burden for us ya! IF not, please give discount by reducing the petrol surcharge!! LOL

  • Chee Kun

    I strongly support this as many Malaysian Students travel overseas for their studies and if AirAsia can have this privilege of this for Students.I believe that future of AirAsia can have more Malaysians aiming to work for AirAsia.

  • Shirley

    Ya Ya…. Double hand up supporting both the Students Card privilege and Accumulating point for purchase and using AirAsia ticket, why not really for an exchange of food on board or even a trip!!!! Yeah…Even now feel happy of it.

  • Chai Zhen

    Me too… Its really strains the pocket of university students travelling between Peninsular and Sabah, Sarawak… All of us have no other choice but to fly right? So, may AirAsia makes flying affordable for all the students! :) Btw, since fuel price has been fluctuating (going down and down), why isn’t the fuel surcharge price being revised??

  • Muhammad Ghaznawi

    students should be given a special quota for air travelling because they are not working yet. as for me, it’s quite hard to fly back in the festive seasons because people will book tickets early (up to 5 months before flight) until it reach the maximum price. sometimes we can’t book that early because of schedule problems. so hopefully airasia would consider the idea.

  • Adrian Vypong

    Yeah i support this idea. Probably Air Asia main target market was not from Student ( 19 – 25 age) college/ university yet we as student will become the future market (i think so). Hence i hope AirAsia would take this idea as consideration to come out with student card like MAS do (GRADS Card).

    It would benefit student and also reduce the accident which occur by road transportation. ( refer to cases in newspaper )

    With AirAsia ,
    Our Dream Come True

  • Tri

    why AirAsia doesnt hv special discount or privileges for customer, even regular ones??
    coz i think for AirAsia all customer is special … that’s why AirAsia in every years always have program such as “a million free ticket” and also another AirAsia promo that you can buy the ticket with lowest fare long long day b4 your travelling date.
    it’s more worthed i think than if any privileges program, that only enjoy by a few or several of AirAsia customer.
    Like all we know, Now everyone can fly :)
    Bravo AirAsia

  • Charlene

    Dear Tri,
    I know that every customer of Airasia is special but as a student, we won’t know our timetable for each semester break or whether our application leave for festive is approved on time when we want to buy our tickets.. Usually my school exam timetable is officially out before 2 weeks before the real examination dates. It is dificult for me to purchase a ticket to go back my hometown(KL-Sabah or Sarawak)during the promotions as I don’t know when is my holiday starts after exams. It always happen when I know the dates, the promotions are all end. Hopefully Airasia will take us, students into consideration.