Note from Blog Team: Let us get it straight, you put up pictures of our rivals and you hope to make it without insulting us? Okay. Thats cool with us. This ones for you and your ‘sayang’. Congratulations number twenty. Go snap a real picture of a real AirAsia aircraft. Geez.

So you wanna be a pilot contest…

At long last…The long wait is over…Air Asia’s “So you wanna be a pilot contest” kicks-off on April 1st 2009.

I really don’t know how to start-off or introduce myself in this blog. But for now, the poured-out emotion of being so happy and excited for this one-of-a-kind online contest from our contry’s largest low-cost and no-frills airline company – AirAsia Berhad. My friends, please do lend me your ears (or your eyes perhaps, since you’re reading this blog of mine from your laptops/personal computers).

My name is Abdul Agis Bin Amran of Ipoh, from the State of Perak, Malaysia…I am a true blue-blooded Malaysian, single and of 22 years of age…Until now, most of you guys would like to break the ice on this dreaded online question: So you wanna be a pilot???

PILOT – the first thing that comes out of our minds, this is a person who flies an aircraft for pleasure or does it as a profession.

Not for this little Indian boy…For me it is a lifelong “childhood dream”, an ambition, a wonderful and exciting career. I know that this could possibly open the doors of great opportunities for me.

Being a pilot has its advantages (or should I say perks), of getting a big pay, the luxury and privilege of travelling to different places and countries of the world, meeting different types of people of different race and walks of life.

The fulfillment of achieving one’s dreams into a reality really consists a lot of patience, hardwork and determination. Ever since childhood, it has been a life-long dream – to become a certified and successful PILOT (Aviator). I remember those days when I used to be a newspaper boy in my hometown, delivering daily paper to people using my bicycle. I wake up 4am early in the morning just to save 3RM so I can go to school and support myself. Every morning. Yes, people. I do this every morning ever since my parents divorced. My folks got seperated when I turned 9, and ever since then, I was under the supervision and care of my grandma, my mom’s mom…

So sad for an intro huh?…Here’s more…

Every morning, my idea and dream of being “captain” of the skies was taken into a reality (or should I say, a childhood hallucination)…I usually mimic and portray that I am the “captain of the skies” using my humble bike as I roam around and delivering paper in my hometown…As the morning sun rises up in the sky, I look up and tell to myself – “Agis, someday you will reach out for the stars and the skies!”

After a few years, my grandma died…I was all alone…My elder sister was with my mom’s custody and my brother chosed to be with my dad…My youngest sister died due to lung complications…I felt that the world left me…I got nobody and no one this world…Due to some misunderstanding with my parents, I chose to live and handle my life – alone.

Because of what happened to me at the very early years of my life,I became independent,however due to financial problems, I was unable to finish school…But that never stopped me from dreaming to reach my goal. I tell myself always that I have 2 hands and 2 feet, I can survive this cruel world. I can live and I can work and be a productive citizen of this country.

A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to work for a satellite TV provider as a Sales Executive…I said yes, why not. Let’s give it a shot, although my dreams of being an aviatoor myself would be “ON HOLD” because I am not a University graduate nor a Degree Holder – in short, I am not qualified because I don’t have the proper education and the diploma to show it off to people and prove to the world that I have finished my studies.

It has been a vision in my life to ride a plane and see it upclose – with my big eyes – but my dreams were still “ON HOLD”…After 3 years working for the satellite TV provider company as a Sales Executive, I need to say goodbye because my contract was not renewed, and thus, for me to switch to another job.

An ex-colleague of mine told me to go to Singapore to apply for a Cleaning Supervisor position in Changi Airport (Terminal 2)…After hearing this, my pursuit of becoming an “Aviator” was re-lived, in a way…I told myself that if I can have the chance to work in an airport, it’s not impossible for me to see different airline carriers, cabin crews and captains – up close and personal. I will be able to see airplanes fly, roam and taxi around the airport runway…I thought that it is the only thing that I can do for now because I cannot afford to study in an Aviation school.

Everyday, as I walk and roam around inside the Transit Area and Viewing Mall at Changi Airport(Terminal 2), I can see different aircraft models from different airline carriers. And since I am inside the airport, all I can do is see the airplanes behind the glass doors and mirrors.There’s always this “barrier” in front of me. At work, I always inspect the aerobridge – and that is the only closest encounter that I had in viewing and seeing airplanes. I always imagine myself that one day, I’ll become a “captain” and will walk the arrival and departure hall of the airport together with my crew…

To tell u honestly folks, I haven’t got a chance to experience an airplane ride…You guys can laugh and go ahead and make fun of me…I am not ashamed to tell you about this…Seriously…I haven’t ride an airplane. As the Malay saying goes “kasiyahan dulu”…Poor kid…Haven’t got the chance to be on a plane ride…The only country I have visited is Singapore, and from my hometown I just take a bus which is an 7-9 hours ride from Johor Bahru. Talk about land travel.
I only had a few ideas what’s like on a plane through television, media and especially movies. Speaking of movies, my 2 favorite Hollywood films are from Leonardo Di Caprio. Maybe it’s quite coincidental that both movies from him was about flying and airplanes…I really like the part wherein Leo turned himself into a “fake” pilot just to forge checks in “Catch me if you can” and see him in “The Aviator” do his act with the flying scenes. I just wondered “When can I wear those captain’s beret???” (Pilot’s headgear) “When can I wear that white uniform???””when can I get the chance of holding the so-called steering wheel of the plane and be in control of the flight?”

Tough luck…Years and months have passed…My dream of becoming a full-pledged pilot is still pending…Sometimes I came to a point in my life that I should stop this non-sense “childhood dream” because it will never ever turn into a reality, not unless someone can sponsor or help me out to study in an Aviation school.

So close…yet seemed so far…

Me and my sayang…

During my stay in Singapore and working at Changi Airport, I met the girl of my dreams – my girlfriend, Aisah. She is a Filipino. We used to be colleagues and work partners at Changi Airport before she resigned and transfered in an IT company in Singapore. We were the best of friends. She’s the one who informed me about this online contest,through Yahoo! Singapore (News Asia), and she gave me the link. I had mentioned to her before that my ambition is really to become a pilot someday. She is really supportive and optimistic about my interest in joining this contest.She told me that there’s a possibility and chance to be a pilot through this online contest – even without flying experience.

Here is the link:

I humbly describe myself with these following qualifications:

– dedicated, patient, determined and fast-learner
– energetic, physically and mentally fit
– very good and clear eyesight and not color blind
– 175 cm, 74kg
– can speak and write fluently in English and Bahasa Malayu
– can speak and understand fluently Mandarin and Tamil, can understand a bit of Cantonese
– can speak and understand conversational Tagalog, am still learning more! (Thanks to my Filipino girlfriend, I love u sayang :-D)

But I lack this very one thing:

– I was unfortunate and was not given a chance to finish my studies due to financial difficulties

However, I am still of high hopes…

Right now, as I type in the words here in this blog, my heart is thumping and full of joy…I really can’t believe that a mere lad like me is given a chance to explain my thoughts and share my dreams through this blog – not to mention that the whole world can read this. I still keep my hopes high and turn this into reality.

I hope that I could make it through this once in a lifetime opportunity. I am glad that Mr. Tony Fernandes and his brilliant staff was able to think of this very wonderful idea of hiring Malaysian citizens like me as pilots for his dynamic company – even without flying experience.

I hope that one day, somehow, someway, I will be able to represent Malaysia and serve my countrymen with AirAsia and also be the person to experience the company motto: “Now everyone can fly”

One of these days, I visualize that I will be able to ride the Wright brothers’ magnificent invention, one of man’s breakthroughs and success.

Fasten your seatbelts everybody, we’re flyin’ with Captain Agis!!!

This is Abdul Agis Bin Amran now signing off…Sila jumpa lagi

Terimah Kasih banyak banyak AirAsia 🙂

Note: I don’t have any intentions on insulting AirAsia regarding with the pictures of Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airlines on this blog. The reason is because I am currently working in Changi Airport Terminal 2, AirAsia is located at Terminal 1. I just want to emphasize on this blog that the airplanes in front of me through the glass window is so close to me, yet seemed so far. Thank you for your understanding.



  1. Hi Agis,

    Congrats to you. Thank you for sharing your story and it does touch my heart. But anyway we got to think very positive… Keep moving towards it and forget about negative experiences which have been over… Cheer up..

  2. Different people with different lifestyle yet again.

    Congrats to you Mr Agis!

  3. Congratulation Agis! Don’t forget about your sayang after you have become a pilot in the future 🙂

    Agis, don’t be negative with you pass experience. Be positive and don’t give up on your dream. Every successful person in this world started with a dream. With the power of dream, nothing is impossible 🙂

  4. Chee Keong Reply

    Personally, i would salute you for your great determination and NEVER GIVE UP HOPE thoughts..

    Of all those that you’ve been through, you still stood strong and has never given up..

    I don find it funny or anything that you’ve never been into the aircraft..
    Hopefully, your first time would be in the cockpit one day..

    Congrats my bro..

    Regards and best wishes,

  5. wow … i salute your writing skill ~ it is well polished hardly any typo or error.. it is hard to imagine that u didnt complete your study … am very proud of you and impressed with your determination 😀

    education comes in many forms and you graduated from University of Life with flying colors.

    let me have the honor to fondly welcome you to AirAsia …

    “Dream the impossible” ~ Tony

  6. Very nice blog ! I salute you for ur patients, not days, but years …. you experienced many “incident” in your life but still can carry on ur life positively, obviously ur a special guy… all the best in this competition and hope one day we all can fly !
    if you really became a pilot, i suggest you to write a book about ur story, coz it can be a motivation to many others who is also dreaming to become a pilot.

    All the best, Captain Agis


  7. A. Agis,
    You’ve came a long way.
    Congrats on being short-listed.

    Benjamin Siew Wan Siong

  8. Yahooo, Agis!!! u r no 20, congrats and cheerio 4 ur “chayang” ten ta ten….

  9. Congrats, and I do T1 & T2 staff canteen. Any good food to intro in these 2 canteens?

  10. I am so jealous of your’s amazing.

    I don’t want to lose..hehe

  11. Abdul Agis Reply

    Hi Guys,

    First of all I really want to thank AirAsia Blog Team for choosing me in this blog competition (number 20)…My girlfriend and I really didn’t expect that much from this contest – SERIOUSLY! Not until we saw our pictures with our own 2 eyes just now…We never expected this to happen…Until now, we are still “lol” Laughing Out Loud…

    I can say that today is the happiest days of our lives…I haven’t won in this competition yet, however, all I can say for now is my feelings are of mixed emotions – happy and nervous.

    I can feel that I already won in this competition because I saw my pictures with my “sayang” AirAsia was able to post it, on the World-Wide-Web…I’m really really happy… 🙂

    Thank you people for reading my blog entry…Frankly I am having second-thoughts of posting AirAsia’s rival airline companies picture in my blog (SIA and MAS)at first because the AirAsia Management would find it inconsiderable and insensitive on my part, miraculously they still have posted it…I just don’t want to fake or tell lies and create stories with people, all I want to share with you all is my life-long dream and the truth that I am currently working in Singapore as a Cleaning Supervisor and have never been ashamed of it to tell it to people ever since…

    Thank you all guys for knowing “a piece of me” in this blog…I hope that I was able to touch and inspire your lives somehow…See you all guys next time – up in the skies! Thanks again for the comments – you’ve touched my heart…

    Terima Kasih banyak banyak AirAsia Berhad…Bravo Mr. Tony Fernandes for this wonderful idea of yours…Kudos to you and to your staff! 🙂

  12. Maybe you’re forgiven because Air Asia does not operate out of Terminal 2. Walk across to T1 and snap some AK there!

    Rewards come to those who perseveres and determines.

    Congrats and All the best!!

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