1/7/09..was excited about tonite prize presentation that i am about to receive from AirAsia. It was supposed to be a ‘big’ event for me…i even dreamt of taking pictures with my idol, Dato Tony. as one of the winner under Twitter me to Taipei contest, I was really looking forward for the event. well..it didnt turn out quite smooth that i’ve expected..as i left KL, and was on the middle of highway when suddenly the car stop…oh man! not now…

so i text jason (AirAsia’s marketing commercial staff) that i will be late. call my bro for help.
was ‘stranded’ there almost an hour with my another brother and my bf..once fixed, we rushed to Lcct in the hope that we might able to catch up.

upon reaching LCCT, i called Jason, n he said the event already over. so i just collected the tix from him infront of McD..so sad…didnt manage to reach on time and worst still didnt have the opportunity to see my idol…still in denial..why?

anyway thanks AirAsia for the tix and invitation….sob sob…

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