21 April 2011 – Justin Bieber My World Tour concert in Kuala Lumpur.

Rain poured as people streamed into the open air stadium as early as 5PM.
All were given raincoat, hence the wrapped up look in orange plastic packaging, reminding me of sausages.


Justin Bieber pulled 17 thousand people, some flying in (most probably with Air Asia uhuhh ) from neighboring Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand and Myanmar (call me if you need explanation) to be with him for that delightful one hour plus plus concert.

One girl told another girl that this concert was longer than the previous concert ..this is one hour plus plus. So we know at least 2 girls are stalking Bieber all around the world..heh. Such energy – if I were to stalk anyone, it would only be around Kuala Lumpur.

So, it was a one hour plus plus of superb performance by Justin Bieber and his band troupe.

Check this out :


Justin Bieber at the age of 17, proved to be a phenomena, a multi talented entertainer.
During the one hour plus plus concert ,he played the drum.

He crooned to us while gently strumming his guitar.

And he can certainly “sweet talk” …


(I knocked the big head with my camera, that why it stops just there )

I plus plus 17 thousand people had witness one of the greatest performer of our time on 21st April 2011 at Dataran Merdeka . Tickets were sold online at www.airasiaredtix.com

We want more, Justin !!!!!!


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