Saw this message “I love my job I love my job I love my job I love my job…(brain washing)”on my workmate’s MSN status. I thought about it for a second and asked myself, “What do I like about my job?” The easy answer to that question is I love almost everything about it. Yes “almost”…not all the things…

The thing is, I love being busy. My job is not the most glamorous, besides writing media releases, pitching editors and throwing press events, all the new happenings in my company keep my pace fast. Everyday at AirAsia, we move fast and churn things out fast, new ideas, new campaigns, new events, new awards, new sponsorships, new marketing tools, new planes, new routes, the list goes on and on and as always, the deadline was yesterday. We tend to believe what our CEO is preaching- never take “NO” for an answer, and that makes us the fairy godmothers/fathers. This is exactly where I get my satisfaction when each seemingly impossible task is surmounted.

About other stuff that I like about my company- Red being our corporate color and the livery of our planes, I love working with the smart people in my company (especially with people smarter than me), l love traveling too and that’s what we do best, enriching peoples life by bringing them here and there, with low fares. Seriously, AirAsia made a difference.

About things that I dislike about my job, office politics is at the top of my “hate” list! Do I really have to care? Hey look, I don’t want to get involved; I just want to do my work. But sometimes it’s inevitable, like it or not, we just have to play the game. Simply because getting a politics-free job may be difficult or should I say almost impossible. So when the game is being played, I’ll try to steer away from it, but if it’s used against me, I’d bite head off.

After all, I still love my job love my job love my job love my job…



  1. Chee Keong Reply

    actually in would like to be in your job too (that is if i don get to be a pilot la)

    i definitely hate those boring office work and you’ll be staring at the clock every single second hoping that it will strike 5 and you’ll be able to go home..
    I love challenging projects as well as being in the fast pace, and most of all, being able to be around planes, pilots, and people who has the same dream as myself..


  2. My dear friend, enjoy life to the fullest as it is short and do good deeds as if tomorrow is your last day.Each and every moment is different and you will not experience it again.

    And compare your ‘love’ list with the ‘hate’ list. If your ‘love’ list is longer, than just ignore the ‘hate’ list. If you can, make the ‘love’ list grow longer!!

  3. office politics exist in any kinds of organizations.

    when the competition gets tough, you’d probably need more than politics to survive.

    An option would be to focus more on your personal power – your expertise and the respect and admiration of others. You don’t have to be liked by everyone but if you are respected by everyone…. that’s even more powerful than any office politics.

    my 2 cents.

  4. can i just ask what is the title of your job? It sounds pretty amazing.
    Thank you

  5. Linda Reply

    I’m with the communications team making my company famous through mass media…or in short we called it public relations… 🙂

  6. Cool, Linda, thank you. I guess I’ll look for something like that. Although i guess it wont be easy, specially here in France. Anyway, Have fun 🙂

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