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18 July 2010

I love AirAsia Now and Forever

By Kanniaseelan

Alright…..here’s a story to share.

I was returning from a hiking trip in KK and reached LCCT at about 10.10pm on 06072010.

Was so sore and cud hardly walk….while awaiting my ride, it juz dawned me to get a drink which led me to realize my wallet was missing….hmmm…..deep down inside i thought….here i go again….through the entire process of queuing for new cards n stuff…sighhhh……

Nevertheless, thought it would be no harm to pay the Lost and Found guys a visit. So there i was limping my way to L&F. Was greeted by a sweet smiling Mr.Vikneson and team whom so kindly heard me out, made swift calls and found out the flight was on the way to Penang. Again, Mr.Vicky called Mr.Kevin in Penang who helped check the cabin and VOILA….it was right there…at the magazine holder….

So it was safely placed in the hands of the air hostess….whom the moment arrived to LCCT was greeted by the ever-smiling Mr.Vicky…..

Only setback here was the lady guard (from MAB)…who wanted evidence that i had boarded the flight…which i could not produce coz my entire proof was in that wallet…..thank god Mr.Vicky came to the rescue and allowed me in again.

And I got my wallet back with everything intact….so here’s to Mr.Vicky, Mr.Kevin and the other 2 guys who made my AirAsia experience as sweet as ever…..its during such distressing moments that efficient people like Mr.Vicky play a wonderful role in reflecting the true customer centric culture of AirAsia….

If you ask me, such people should be actually passing down their knowledge and skills to the juniors who can in turn cascade this into an ongoing tradition in AirAsia.

Thank you AirAsia for the wonderful experience….

  • Yvonne

    thank you :) we really appreciate your compliment and it has already been uploaded in our system for all the staffs to read. We are very happy and proud to have you onboard and hope to see you soon! have a nice day