This is ground zero. This is where AirAsia started it’s social media initiatives and it has been close to a year since the launch of all our social media channels with guns ablazing. And there is no other place I would have chosen to say goodbye.

In normal traditions on the last day of work where emails would be sent out to all colleagues at the workplace bidding farewell, there is no other appropriate platform to say goodbye other than the place that started it all. Most would not know me as the social media specialist for AirAsia that kickstarted the entire show but I am glad to have made so many friends along the way and this goodbye is to all the others that “unmasked” me along the way.

In over a year and a half I’ve been here, I have made several departmental pitstops and although the flight was not smooth sailing all the way, it was a joyride to the finish. I started at AirAsia with practically not many people knowing what social media is and did not understand the vision that Tony had for the group. Was kicked around from department to department and today, when so many people gets what social media in this company, it means a lot to me from where I started out.

Still remember when social media was all a one man show, and every reaction I got to asking people to blog was this:

At least I consoled myself I was my own boss. Or I thought I was.

I remember encountering a lot of struggles at the beginning with lots of running up and down, conjuring up blog posts, trying to light fires in internal communications and to get people pumped up about the blog and social media initiatives to come. Was practically a chained slave dedicated to making it all happen but it had it’s perks too (probably not the best picture but..)

I remember running around shooting with a hand hold camera up and down the office and back down to the terminal to generate content. Coming up with concepts on the go was a daily routine and developing interactive ideas in my secret dungeon was more a normality which now all know as the competitions we run on a frequent basis on Facebook and Twitter. My strategy was simple, to get the public to get more involved and simply know that AirAsia was embarking on social media.

Then this happened. And AirAsia’s social media channels simply took off into the social media stratosphere and began gaining mainstream attention.

The feeling of “getting it” is one of the high points of being in AirAsia. We never looked back since.

There were so many highs and lows but look at where we are now. We’re not the best (yet) but we’ve got what it takes to get there. Once the dust is settled and all is said and done, nothing compares to finding the queen of my heart in AirAsia which was the greatest present AirAsia could have given me back in return.

The team grew with time and now is actually expanding to incorporate Thailand and Indonesia which is fantastic for internal growth and maturity in embracing social media. I sincerely hope that we continue to assume the mantle as catalysts of growth for social media not only internally but also to the world that an airline can “get it”. I leave on a high knowing that the foundation for social media for AirAsia has been cast in stone and with proper guidance, the team can only prosper ahead. I leave with a note of thanks to Tony, Azran, the management, the TEAM, to my colleagues, to all our fans and friends of our blog, Facebook and Twitter. You made my days and broke me on some, but undeniably you made all of this happen.

Looking back, doesn’t it seem funny how a short period of time, it can seem such a long road to get here. I still am very much intrigued by the possibilities within AirAsia (still so much to do!!!) but there’s also simply so much potential that lingers out there in the market and this is an opportunate moment to “go get it” again.

I shot this video early last year but never had the opportunity to launch this competition, “So You Think You Can Blog?” when Facebook and Twitter overwhelmed me and left me gasping for air until now. Do you think it would have kicked a** and rocked your world?

I sign off one last time with these words as echoed by Steve Jobs. Stay hungry. Stay foolish. See you later and miss all of you! Thank you for everything!!!


  • Yvonne

    Farewell! :)

  • Safina

    i still remember how you bugged me to write some posts 😉 without u doing that, I wouldn’t have done it.
    All the best, and take care!!
    Hope we go diving together sometime in the future!!

  • Kong Sun

    Thank you Mr. Derek for organizing the blog competition last year.

  • Weng Hooi

    Thank you Mr.Derek for giving me an opportunity last year in the blog writing competition.Take good care…;)

  • Wan Siong

    All the best Derek!
    I believe your “death star” is coming up real fine!
    Wish you all the best in your future undertakings and may you be blessed with luck and wisdom!

  • Chee Ping

    Thank you Mr. Derek

  • Chee Keong

    Hey Derek…

    Take care and happy Weddings! You’ll never be forgotten….


  • Low

    Yo Mr. Derek!

    Enjoy life~*

    Me and my partner will find our own paths somehow lolz

    Warmest Regards,