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19 August 2012


By Chairani

Not once in my head I’d ever thought that I’m going to win an awesome trip like this, after three months of spending my time working on my final university project, one day on a sunny Sunday afternoon I received an email that I just won a quiz by Air Asia! I was stunned and happy at the same time! Air Asia social team told me that I was one of the winner of the Ultimate Air Asia Rangers and even better a trip with a world class soccer team Queens Park Rangers on their 2012 tour! I am about to see Anton Ferdinand, Fabio and of course Park Ji Sung, Air Asia you just turned my lazy Sunday afternoon around to an exciting one!

After I got the tickets, I left Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur to join the other two winners Agust and Bradley, then from there we left KL to Kota Kinabalu to watch the first match of QPR against Sabah Selection. When we arrived in Kota Kinabaluwe got picked up by the hotel staff that thought we are not going to show up because we were one hour late from the estimated time. After meeting with the Air Asia staff then our journey continues to the stadium.

At the start of the first round, Sabah Selection seems very aggressive at attacking the QPR defense, however they never seem to succeed on trying to surpass QPR’s defense unfortunately it’s the other way around with just one awesome attack, 8 minutes through the game Bobby Zamora succeeded on scoring the first goal, thus the score became 0-1 for QPR, all the way through until the end of the first match the score is 0-1

QPR was able to add another goal through Helguson at the minute of 64 on the second round, just 6 minutes after the second goal of KPR that was done by Bothroyd at the minute of 7. Afterwards, another two goals was done by DjibrilCisse on the minute of 72 and 74 thus making QPR an absolute winner, can you imagine 5 for QPR and 0 for Sabah Selection! Unsurprising really since they are one of the team in English Premier League

With the hope that the second match was going to be even better, especially because they are going to face one of the strongest team in Malaysia, Kelantan FA, however the result is still the same. Queens Park Rangers showed the difference in the level of football between the English Premier League and the Malaysian Super League after trashing Malaysian champions Kelantan by a five goal margin.

Even better is that before the match we followed QPR training session in Kelantan. On board in the special plane that is provided for QPR and also being on the same bus with QPR team and even better got a chocolate that was given by Anton Ferdinand, sitting right behind Park Ji Sung while joking around with Ale Faurlin. Can you imagine how awesome was that? That was not even awesome anymore but amazing experience!

The third match is QPR against Indonesia even better! Since its held at the biggest stadium in Surabaya, Gelora Bung Tomo, they had technical difficulty where all of a sudden there was a blackout however you could see all of the flashing lights came from the supporters surrounding the stadium that was rather awesome, the fireworks, the jingles that never stops just turned the whole atmosphere into an exciting ones! This is my first time watching a soccer match with an awesome crowds, I could tell that the QPR team was also stunned by the crowds! Thanks Airasia for gave me this awesome Experience!