AirAsia…now everyone can fly……I will NEVER forget that tagline coz I always believed I can fly and AirAsia made that possible.

I was skeptical when AirAsia was first launched. In fact, I did not even pay any attention to the Big Hoo Haa.

Now, with AirAsia, I have been to Bali, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hanoi, Phuket, etc. and some of them were more than once with Langkawi being the most travelled. I am always those few who book whenever any new destination is launched. Don’t have online access at home previously and I used to be in office by 6am to grab those tickets.

Countless sweet memories of travels with my family and hubby have been etched in my mind and album.

I was grounded for more than a year now coz you won’t fly me in my advance pregnant state then and after delivery of my baby, I have to have will power not to click “confirm” in your site and close an eye to your ads.

Now, I am lifting myself from the hibernation and Bangkok here I come…..and with many more booked in the pipeline.

Thanks AirAsia, for making my believe a reality and I will continue to look forward to your new destinations and those that I have yet to been to in my hibernation period but of course, they need to be baby friendly. My baby goes wherever I go.



  1. By the way, I would suggest that AirAsia website link AirAsia blog. That would make the Guests who have visited AirAsia website for info or promotion or booking or for whatever purpose to go directly to AirAsia blog. Who knows, the guests are bloggers themselves or someone who might want to give feedback or comment on some issues, it would make their life easier if there’s a link in AirAsia website.

    I think most guests do not even know AirAsia blog exists!

  2. What I mean by “link” is permanent link, not under the heading “What’s new”.

  3. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Thank you for your suggestion James. As this blog is a day-old, we definitely don’t expect many guests to know about the blog’s existence…yet.

    We appreciate your input though and will have a permanent link on when the time is right.

  4. If Mahathir’s blog can get over 1,000 plus visitors on the first day, I’m sure AirAsia can do better than that.

    “Dream the impossible, believe the unbelievable and never take no for an answer.”

  5. Dear James and Ai Ling,

    There is a link on the website but it is not very clear. I have asked our web team to make it clearer.

    Ai Ling, thanks for the post , that gives me encouragement in what is a very hard industry. A lot of unfairness has been levelled at us over the years so getting notes like this makes it worthwhile. Thanks for your support and thanks for flying AirAsia!

    Kind regards,

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