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18 October 2010

We are lucky to be Allstars!


By Safina

AirAsia is going to celebrate our 9th birthday this year. 9 years in the business, is not really, really long. Not even 10 yet. It is still seen as a young airline.
However, now, from 2 aircrafts, we have about 95 aircrafts. From 5 destinations,we have about 138 destinations. From around 200+ employees to about 7500 Allstars.

We work hard. We sweat. Some bleed. Some cried. To have grown in a short 9 years to be where we are now, if we have a time capsule (like the one on Back to The Future), it is kind of amazing to foresee the growth to be this fast! And that is why we call ourselves Allstars. Without the Allstars, the company will not be able to do it at this speed.

I came from a few big companies. The jobs are the same every where: the stress, the tough moments, the challenges etc. It is the same here in AirAsia too. However, the very special thing about being here is the people who were strangers at first, then they become your friends , and later some of them become like our family members. At times, we could even become like adopted child to their parents!! Well, if you are lucky you get to find your life partners here too!!

And because of the nature of our jobs and the continuous operations of the company, it is difficult to meet the others except during meetings and trainings – which sometimes only happens once in 2 years for some of us. That is long!!!

Knowing this, AirAsia have regular functions and parties to celebrate the achievements and to reward the Allstars. From the “blessing” ceremony of new aircrafts, to announcing the Skytrax awards, to Annual Dinner and Festive season celebration – we normally have a minimum of 3 functions a year!!! As an Allstar, we don’t have to pay anything to attend this gatherings or parties!!! (trust me, we do have companies who asked the employees to pay to attend the annual dinner, ok!)

And this year itself….we had the “Simply the Best, Again” party, then celebrating our 100th Million Guest : Blood Sweat Tears yesterday and later at the end of the year, we will have our Annual Dinner.

Aren’t we lucky to have parties the whole year round??