Note from Blog Team: Shyan, you gave us everything we asked for except your phone number so no morning gotcha calls today. You said it best in why not you. So heres to giving you a shot. Congrats number 24. Girl power is awesome.

Hi everyone who is reading my post now.My name is Chai Huey Shyan and now is 20 years old.You can call me Shy-an here(this is a nickname given by my dearest friend.haha).And yes,I stuck here.I do not know whether I can perform better but I want to perform my best to you all.So why am I here?Of course is because I wanna grab the chance to be a pilot!!And why I wanna be pilot?Because I wanna fly!

Cant really remember what is the main reason give me the first ambitious is to be a pilot,but i do remember what i told my parents.”Daddy,mummy,I wanna be a pilot so that you all can travel all around the world!”It’s ridiculous.You might think it that way.But that is not what I think because this is still the force to push me to drop by and jot down my post here.I like to travel a lot,so do my parents.I know,with the attractive salary of being a pilot and the free tickets given every year,I can keep my promise.Some more,I might have the chance to fly them to the destination on my own.

But I am a girl.When I was in my secondary school,there is where everyone asked about my ambitious.The deepest in mind was that I remember my counselor give me a unbelievable eyes sign when I told her about my dream.”What?Piloting?You are the top student in our school and i think you should have others that you can achieve.Why don’t you consider actuarial science,accounting,chemical engineering and bio-tech.”She let me down,really.I am not feeling sad because every one think that I can’t,I am because I am disappointed with her shallow mind set.What is wrong with my dream?Its not just a day dream.Even if it is,every goal is set after we have a dream and only we can make it success!!I am a girl but I am not just a girl!

Yes.I don’t know much about airplane and how pilot’s routine.Yes.I might physically lose to those guys who study piloting.But these are all problems that can be solve can be handle so why I can’t give it a try??Every one deserve the chance!Nobody will know how much I feel jealous and proud to my friend that can get his “parents scholarship” to study about piloting in Sydney.Nobody will know how much I felt jealous when I saw some of my friends that get to go to interview.Although they failed but at least they got the chances and experiences.I did not blame my parents because they are not wealthy enough to send me to the nearest place to study this course because they already give me everything so that I can grow up healthy can live life happily.They bought me the “airplane” of Airasia and they give me their support to write in this blog.I am so glad they are always there be with me.And I will GREAT if I do deserve the chance to get the scholarship to study piloting!

I am a girl.SO WHAT??I am not just a girl,I am a girl that wanna be a pilot!!



  1. Hi Shy-an,

    I am a guy who is currently studying to be a pilot and I only got one advice for you: GO CHASE YOUR DREAM! To bloody hell with those who tell you otherwise! Never allow people to tell you “cannot” or “should not”. If there’s a will, there’s certainly a way.

    Take care and wishing you the very best with your ambition.

  2. Your teacher asked you to consider chemical engineering, but it’s just a title. My sister took bio-chem and now she’s considering another job market instead. See, all those kinda stuff mentioned by your teacher is those sort that’s 9-5 base.

    Be a pilot man, I would prefer at least some girls as cadet mates =D

    congrats kid!

  3. Shyan Reply

    thanks all of u!!i am jumping up and down nw!!haha..its..AWESOME for me..hehe..thx u very very much!!=)

  4. Congrats girl,
    Yea, u have guts in chasing your dream. Tats really matter the most! You believe in urself, and dun jealous of ur fren, bcoz I believe, you can touch the sky one day by ur own, where there is sumtin u like, there is always a way.

  5. Great power my friend..
    hopefully we can be a teammate as a pilot..okay ^_^

  6. Shyan Reply

    thx again to u all..haha..cnt reli express my feeling in words nw~haha..but i wonder whn is da date to interview and whr?i am looking forward for da day to come~hehe=)

  7. SHYAN :

    Wait for me..I’m gonna be there too..hopefully !!
    but yeah, hopefully we can get to be the top ten.

    I understand how the feel of jealousy when my friend h=get the parent to support her study in MFA..and now she’s a pilot already T_T
    I feel happy for father always object me and says everything is useless and there’s no way he will have the money T_T

    our family condition are the same then..
    but the other thing similar is our dream and ambition as well as hope are the same !!


    wish me luck ^_^

  8. u gotta be shortlisted in the top ten girl =D to be interviewed. Study hard man, u want notes or stuff can find all of us, but subang/pj/kl area only though, kinda busy =p

  9. To Shy-an:

    Haha. I think i was the one who gave you this special name – shy-an.
    Today I have learned something from this girl! Never say No to any opportunity that come to you. I am currently living with a motto SayNotoNo, but I din really always aplied it but now its great that you could used it and I hope all of you will aplied it in your life too.
    Shyan, this is you time to make decision in life.. Be a leader in your life this time! Do what you think whats the best for you and whats the most comfortable to you.
    When there is a will there is a way! My parents won’t let me be in Business in the beginning but now I made it. Hope you will do well in the interview and make your dream come true. For now, if you are determine to be a pillot, than do more research and gain more knowledge in this field.
    Having a knowledge in a certain field is important to be successful in it! I don’t know alot about air plane, but I hope one day when I am on my way to a business trip to some place or on a flight to London for a MU match, I will hear: ” Welcome to Air Asia and I am your pillot Captain Shyan. Now we are on altitude** , We will be landing at London in 10 minutes time, please be sitted. And again thanks for flying with AirAsia.’
    Lol. I will end my comment with a motto for all of you.
    ‘Think Big!’ Donald Trump

    EgoSky – Ch’ng

  10. Hey Shyan. The date of the interview has not yet been comfirm by the panel of judges. We’ll just have to wait till the pilots announce about it.

  11. Shyan Reply

    nth else to start my comment here but thx again~hahaXD.yup..thx winn shern for the special nickname..thx hamimah coz wanna wait for me n low coz offer me stuff..thx sin..thx kung yung..thx kong sun and thx rahamat tulla~haha!hey Low!i stay far away from KL..i stay at jearntut thr any way for me to gt some of the books to read from u plz??

  12. Chee Keong Reply

    YOU GO GIRL!!!

    don worry..
    i don discriminate female pilots, but instead, i salute them for breaking the ice and telling others that EVERYONE CAN BE A PILOT IF THEY WANT TO!!

    CONGRATS girl..


  13. Shyan Reply

    thx daphne and chee keong=)chee keong is a pilot too?

  14. Shy-an,
    Well done girl, well done..
    Whenever a girl tells me that she wants to be working in a male dominant industry, it always come smacking to me that the world is now stepping into an era where all man and woman are equal.
    People like you put double-standard as a thing of the past.
    Once again, congrats.

    Benjamin Siew Wan Siong

  15. Shyan, the future is yours, you have to choose the future yourself. congratulation~! You have step out your first step. Keep that spirit and you will be flying high one day.

  16. Shyan Reply

    thx wan siong and wai weng^^i will do my very best!!haha…thx u very much again to u all!!=D

  17. Hahaha Chee Keong was the first person being shortlisted. Lol

  18. Shyan Reply

    wow!!!reli??so “geng”!haha..hope u cn understand my broekn english and actually is mandarin+cantonese+english…hahaha..=p

  19. Hey Shy-an,

    Being a pilot not only involves hard work, but a lot of changes to your life too. Remember there are rigid annual medical checks, so do take care of your physical self. If I were you, I’ll start to cut down on high cholesterol and fatty foods, sugar, etc etc etc. Keep yourself fit by regular exercise, and if you like to shove earphones into your ears, I suggest you keep the volume low to protect your eardrums. Protect your eyes and ears at all times. Stay away from cigarettes.

    Good luck!

  20. Shyan Reply

    hi kung yung=)

    hmm…i like sweets and chocolate alot..haha..but i think i should better gain weight(a little only lah~haha)..and u gt me..haha.i like to shore earphones into my thx for ur advice!!start from 2day i will kepp da volume low..=)but one more quest for u pilot wearing spec or contact lense?

  21. Hi Shy-an,

    Yes, pilot can wear specs. In fact, a lot of pilots wear specs, but up to a certain limit. You must not be colour-blind. Do check with Authorised Medical Examiners (AME) for more info.

    I currently hold a UK CAA Class 1 Medical, and the condition for “Vision” is available at
    then click on Visual – JAR Class 1(Professional Pilot) Initial Examination Visual Standards.

    The standard should be quite similar to Malaysian requirement.

    Don’t hesitate to ask anymore questions. You’ll soon find out that pilots are unique bunch of people and we love to answer questions of aspiring pilots. We were once in your shoes too.

    Better start finding out as much information as you can about the company, especially the fleet. As a pilot you have to know your aircraft inside out, so I suggest you start reading up on the A320 (which I assume is what most cadets will start flying first). Who makes it? What’s so good about it? What makes it better than B737? What’s the range? Fuel burn? What kind of engine does it use? (Answer: CFM56) How much thrust (AKA power) does it produce? What’s the difference between the CFM56 and IAE V2500? etc etc etc………

    I always say in the airline business, it’s not only what you know that matters, it’s who you know. If you don’t know anyone in the airline, then better boost up the knowledge department.

    All the best.

  22. Shyan Reply

    thx albert~haha..thx for all those info n tips and thx for adding me in facebook.hahah!!all the best for u too yea~

  23. From a lady to a lady.. i wish you all the best. This might sound cliche.. but you go, gurl~

  24. Stay tuned. First A320 female Captain for Air Asia coming soon 🙂

  25. Hi Shyan :

    The interview is just around the corner … looking forward to see you soon … would you mind to leave your e-mail address to me ?( i am jessica lee -4th candidate ) I am always glad to know friends sharing the same dream with me !!! ( my e-mail address is ) hope to hear from you soon 🙂

  26. Shyan Reply

    hey my dearest airasia blogger team~i still haven get my email to interview….do u forget me>?? TT

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