Here i just wanna share this story regarding the Quality of AirAsia staff, which really open my eyes widely how this thing change my point of view about Airasia . This flight was operating to kuching from LCCT .

A mother and a young sweet little girl 7 years old was sitting next to my row. After 30 minutes departed from the airport suddenly the little girl vomitted on her shirt. She cried because her shirt and seat wet and full with vommit. One of the flight stewardess ( flight stewardess NORHAIZAH ) which called by the mother, immediately attend the call button and realise what had happened. She hold and carry the little girl and the mother to the toilet to clean up eventhough the little girl full of vommit. After a while the mother and her child coming out from the toilet and the little girl not wearing any shirt because she said the shirt was too dirty and smelly. Other passenger around us pity to the little girl because she only wearing her pants and its very cold inside the cabin.
The flight stewardess asked the mother to get any cloths from their luggage,but unfortunately the mother said their luggage inside the cargo. I suggested the mother to buy any shirt from the aircraft but she said she dont have money and she only have rm 7 left, she plan to get a cloth for her daughter as soon we arrive in Kuching later . The little girl nearly cry again when everybody look at her. The flight stewardess really pity the girl and she said she dont want to see the little girl freezing and she bought and pay the shirt for them with her own money.
Honestly I really amazed ,AirAsia have an amazing staff and i believe with a good quality of staff really bring AirAsia to higher level and the best airline..last but not least,morale of the story, after flying with airasia that day really change me into somebody more responsible and caring now..Thank you and bravo AirAsia!!



  1. Wow that is really kind of the stewardess. If i am there i would offer myself to buy her a shirt.

  2. Wow a very kind hearted air stewardess. Give her a big hugs. Keep up the good job lady Norhaizah.

  3. It’s really a shame that none of the passengers offer a dress or to buy one for the child. How can people be so cruel not to have done anything!!

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