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Football fans scream “goalll”; Airasia fans scream “HUFA (Have u flown Airasia)!!”
It has become a norm in family gatherings for family members to query each other HUFA. Although we do it for fun, it also gives us utmost satisfaction and one up-man-ship when we discover who got the best airfare deals. It is prevalent even within my family as my brother frequently asks my mom “Ma, have you checked your share market today”. Her share market is none other than For my mum as a house-maker, her most crucial task every morning is to ensure she checks the website to ensure she is not missing any promotional rates, regardless of the fact whether she intends to fly or not.

Having four grown up kids, she will try her level best to convince her children to take some time off from work to follow her to fly her preferred Airasia routes. But wait, did I say follow her? Sshh, according to my mom “it’s her kindheartedness to accompany us and guide around”. I had my chance too recently, when I became the second person to follow her to India after my brother accompanied her on her maiden trip. This was during the time when Airasia first introduced the flight to Tiruchirapalli, India. What more can I say? It was my first trip on an airplane after almost a decade. It truly affirmed my belief on Airasia’s motto “Now everyone can fly”. Having said that, I was only a student back then. Talk about affordability!
Most of the Indians in Malaysia always had an emotional attachment to our motherland, India. It is our native, where our ancestors had lived, and where some of our extended families continue to live till today.

In those days, about 10 years back, when I was a little girl, I remember it was a big deal when my relatives make trips to India. Before they leave, some of us parcel homemade cookies while others invite the traveling party to their home for grand dinners whilst passing our love and messages to their relatives back in India. To add to this, a significant entourage will follow them to the airport to send them off while many can be seen shedding tears at the airport.
The above experience has since become irrelevant as Airasia has made it such that everyone can fly anytime and at reasonable rates. Airasia has made the change for the better and for many of us as well. In my case, I only paid a small sum to reach my destination which was previously unthinkable. I always have felt that the trip was well worth it that I’m sure to make another trip soon.

As a matter of fact, I was astonished that some of my internal transport cost was more expensive compared to my international transfer by Airasia. Gosh!

So is Airasia only about cheap price? Not at all and I plead to differ. I skipped long queues, made easy flight bookings, meal choices, web check in, and managed my bookings, all at one place; within a few mouse clicks. It is about convenience as well. About the journey, I was extremely satisfied with the good services on offer as well.

And today I’m proud to be sharing my travel experience on Airasia’s blog and I must say that I owe Airasia for making my trip as a journey of happiness and a holiday to treasure.

The main objective of my trip was pilgrimage combined with visiting my relatives there. As hard as I try, I am not able to pen down my trip experience because I’m more obligated to thank Airasia to make the trip happen than the trip itself. I have put my experiences as a video which can better narrate my trip.

My family & relatives are already planning to make their 3rd or 4th trip to India in this year itself. As for me, I’m planning for my 2nd one soon again to same place and relive moments of my last trip! How about yourself? HUFA?
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  • Mohd Hafiz

    Which destination that Renuka won..?? :-)

  • Ashish

    Nicely written true feeling about Air Asia. Nice video clip.
    When any Indian think about foreign trip, first destination comes in mind is Malaysia and first carrier comes in mind is Air Asia. Me with 14 other friends will fly with Air Asia to kl during Feb 2010 and already started preparations. Looking forward to this trip.

  • Mohd Hafiz

    Who’s the winner for HUFA week 4..??